Textures are much better now <3

Compliments where compliments are due. While you worked on the Siptah thing textures have gotten much better. I play on medium settings. For 3 years cobwebs, sand, rocks have been one big blur.

No more, cobwebs now look like cobwebs! Yay!


Indeed I’ve noticed lots of improvement in the last update (2.4. I’m on PC).
I couldn’t get my game to look as good as I wanted even on ultra. My graphic cards is a GTX 1660. But now I’m noticing that everything looks nicer and more detailed overall.
I couldn’t put my finger on what they exactly did, though…
Anyways… I really like the way the water looks now in the Exiled Lands. And it seems they improved the lighting there, too. Of course, all this improvement seems to have come with some visual bugs as well, but I trust it will be fixed in no time.
Thank you, Funcom. I like this game even more now. A lot of less “warts” with every update… I appreciate the effort.

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Update: Nevermind… It seems they rolled back the changes yesterday… I guess because NPCs positions in the map were all messed up; flying NPCs everywhere, walking under mesh, walking with their arms crossed… It seems they are tweaking the Exiled Lands map as they go… Weird, to say the least.

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