Textures/entities floating and not lined up with collision

On all 3 maps I have played on in the last couple weeks (EL, siptah, SW) the ground textures and vegetation aren’t lined up with the actual collision, and it frequently looks like I am running through the ground, and pretty much all cliffs are borked, which makes climbing nearly impossible because I can’t see the actual shape of any of the cliffs. When I tilt the camera, I can see straight through mountains. Most grass and things like aloe float above the ground, while sometimes crappy ground textures rise up higher than theyre meant to, which obscures rivers and such. I didn’t make any hardware or software changes to my pc, and have been playing Conan for years without any major technical issue. I am playing on modded servers, but I’ve tested it on 5 different servers now and it’s the same everywhere I go. I took some screenshots while on SW to show, but it’s the same on the vanilla maps as well. Any advice beyond the obvious drivers updates/reinstalling would be very appreciated, as googling it doesn’t bring up anything remotely helpful. I can’t be the only one who has seen this!

(in case anyone wants to ask, conan runs off a solid state drive, I have 32g of ram, a ryzen 7 2700x, and an nvidia 1050ti that i want desperately to replace and can’t because, well, bitcoin, and my graphcis settings in game are what’s suggested. I took pictures of all of this but funcom won’t let me post them)

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