Thank You for a great game!

1st time for everything, now I am posting just to say thanks, got email about 11 last night, easy DL, not had any bugs and loads of fun, how very CD Red of you!


Yes thanks, the game was great, a little short but really fun.
With this ending I’m really hoping for some good dlc content or a sequel.

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Yes, thanks for a great game! I really enjoyed the gameplay and the mix beween free exploration and turn based combat worked really really well!
Even though I want much more of this, I so much appreciate that it’s a short quality game instead of a game filled with fetch quests and watered down copy paste content just to fill out the hours, that has become so common in todays games.

I really hope we will see more content, expansions and sequells for the franchise.

I also love it, have not had any problems yet.

Would love to see an expansion but i guess it depends on how the base game sells?