Thank you for the Twitch Drops

I do my fair share of complaining here, so let me take this opportunity to say-
Thank you Funcom for providing something that everyone, regardless of platform, playing Conan Exiles can enjoy.


I second this. Thank you Funcom


Yeap worked like a charm on x box 1 minut after ii claimed drope number 3 i was abel to build it :grinning::smiley::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Don’t own a Phone a0d nPs4 browser doesn’t really work well with twitch. (pretty sure its all emote battles and stuff on screen. YT works well thou)

Be missing out on this stuff… really wanted dragon banners. =/

PS…Take my money Funcom! >_>

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I concur

EDIT: Dang… I just looked at the Gloves of the Watchers in game. They are SICK. I also like that they aren’t OP. They have the same stats as Khitan Mercenary.

AlsoEdit: This Dragon Banner is HUUUUGE. : P

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I have the drops and I’m on ps4, I’m quite happy to join a co-op game and craft them for you if that is an option once funcom have sorted out the issue with them not appearing for ps users.

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Sadly my SP game, I tend restart when I die or about 2weeks in, Just refresh from my back up save in desert. (which has metors drops)

So i’d only get use them for short bit before I’d lose them. (My back up save is off Disc only, no patches)


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