Thank you for the Vacation Decay - Feedback

Hello Funcom.

Thank you for the Vacation Timer increase.
Even so in Germany the School Vacations are mainly from 30 the July to 12 Sept…i got lucky that one part of our vacation will be starting August for 1 week so you saved me with that.

We are still off for a week in September so need to find a idea but i truly appreciate your effort.

I still think at the end that if you go for a “standard 2 weeks” decay all time it will be your best shot.
Not sure if this will be able to handle server performance.

But i think over 2 weeks vacation is rare for most. And if some families are gone longer then 2 weeks i for myself would accept that this is one of those rare crossings that we have to accept.

  • I am a little worried that it is just too much complication for you all to handle all the different vacation times of or big variety of Nations in Europe.
    So on the one hand you try to help but dissapoint on the other side maybe othrs who have a different school holiday starting end ending.

So mypersonal feedback is i think aiming on the long wrong more for an - slowly pushing the decay timer up monitoring server performance and see what your best spot is.

Hopefullymore then 1 week.

Kind regards and Thank you for your expanded Decay of 18 days. Did solve one challenge.

But most of all - My respect for your Team trying to support those challenges - giving me as a customer more a reason to stick with your game.


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