Thank you Funcom/Devs/Design/Dialogue/Gameplay

I was in the original BETA program and enjoyed TSW back then. Moved on and played many other games. Recently I came back and I want you to know that I find TSW Legends to be one of the best MMO’s and games ever created. The combination of lore, dialog, gameplay and just the overall feel of this game is so overwhelmingly excellent that your development team (past and present) need to know that for me, this is a hallmark game.

The key here is the combination of ambiance, story and the character this game exudes through progression. The characters and voice over are so good that I really feel compelled to progress.

I know how hard it is to master the art of story when it comes to digital media. It just doesn’t come together like this without a good team - sort of like a band - you just need the right chemistry to make it work.

Regarding the move from TSW to Legends - I completely understand and I’m enjoying the game more this time around. Perhaps I’m getting older. Perhaps it’s just a matter of evolution. The complexity of systems I enjoyed when I was younger just seem to be less important. I want to spend my time having fun - not analyzing complex systems like the Wheel. I also understand the financial considerations - you need new players to keep this great game alive. I like the changes!

So, you have my patronage - my thanks and keep going. I’m a few glasses into my evening cups, so this may come off the wrong way. But posting this makes me happy, and so does your game, so there you go.

EDIT: Inspired by “A Reasonable Man”