Thank You FUNCOM!

Finally a game where I don’t have to constantly stop questing to pick herbs!!



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Sorry about the rude reception.
We don’t usually do that around here.
Yes, Secret World Legends does not have an open world gathering feature, as such.
There are a couple of features that resemble it, such as Unique Monster Hunting and a few rare components needed to upgrade your Museum. And Lore Gathering, of course. They are ‘extras’ rather than core gameplay, however.
If either one of you are actually trying to post to Conan, please disregard this comment.

Everything Is True.
If you don’t enjoy ‘Breakfast of Champignons’, ‘Herbal Essence’, ‘Shrooms’, ‘Seedy Underbelly’, or ‘Crossing The Black Path’ then at least there are no flowers in Pricolesti.


But… isn’t it fun when you have stuff to do outside of missions? :thinking:

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I enjoy extra activities like that, something to slow down the killing and just chill with;)

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Yeah, to a certain extent. Of all the games I’m playing now has some sort of gathering. It started with star wars galaxies, through WoW, SWTOR, and now Dragon Age Inquisition, Witcher 3, Mass Effect Andromeda, It’s just nice to be able to go through the Story without having to stop all the time. I guess it’s just refreshing.


With you on that one. Like, I get that some people love the side stuff and that’s totally cool, but myself, I enjoy a more streamlined experience.

… And that´s what i am still missing. I love to collect/kill stuff while listening to podcasts for example.
As a gameplay-mechanic It´s always something wich has an outcome and you can do when you don´t know what else to do.

But because there is no real crafting i guess it makes sense.
Even in the old game proper crafting was missing (“Proper-Crafting”: A need to raise the skill, gathering resources, watching queues, collecting recipes, reverse engineering, no instant-results.)

lol I’m probably the only person who liked ‘fishing’ in other games but I understand how it’d be annoying to NEED to do it. Maybe if gathering things had some chance at some kind of cosmetic or something that didn’t effect anything important it’d be fun to have options but I’m kinda glad the crafting in this game isn’t as hardcore as in other games for sure as I barely have time to do museum shard grinding at this point.

I totally agree. The NEED to do something sucks. And I’d hate so see even more things to level up… Numbers everywhere. Yet, I wouldn’t mind some kind of flower picking or fishing, but in means of lore collecting. Meaning: If you discover a flower or shroom in the wild, you can pick it and it unlocks a little trivia/lore/fact. Just an option to learn new stuff.
Totally harmless and not gameplay relevant things like brewing a potion that dyes your hair blue for an hour or to use different plants/fruits/berries to brew and mix cocktails with fancy names or make Halloween candy. You could pick the fennel from the Marya camp to brew a tea and give it to Mama Abena and she’ll give you a piece of honey (a lore). Just an example. For completionists, that provides something else to do. And speaking just for me, I like learning new stuff.
The aforementioned aside, no. Please no crafting in the classical sense.

To be frank, I miss the assembly part of some missions and figuring out patterns shrugs

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" There is no gathering " oops well let’s ignore New Dawn :stuck_out_tongue:


Hum. There’s no gathering in New Dawn. Having a side mission that requires you to collect some stuff is not gathering.

oh then pick up Corn is not gathering?

Nope, it’s just a regular “collect stuff” mission. Look at the other mainstream MMORPGs such as WoW or swtor. Mining and herbalism is the gathering in WoW, and scavenging or archaeology for example are gathering skills in swtor. You’re not collecting corn as part of a gathering process in order to use the materials for a profession or to vendor them on the AH.

ONE tier from ONE main mission and ONE side Mission has you gather corn.
Pack your bags, guys. SWL is ruined.
… Sorry, that sounded bitter. I just get a bit… annoyed when people put down New Dawn because of a small percentage of missions has you gather corn.

I don’t put down new dawn never said thats I just say for me in New Dawn there is some gathering. I am farming daily New Dawn 2 times, if I didn’t like this zone I wouldn’t farm there.

I play a long time ago TSW never said it’s ruined … , if I go out from other MMO to comeback in swl it’s not for nothing …

Still, saying SWL has gathering because of some incidental mission tiers is somewhat pedantic.

Each people have his Idea, for me it’s gathering, maybe for you it’s not. I have my idea you have yours

Except that according to what the OP of the thread meant and the followed discussion, the gathering we’re referring to is clearly the gathering known in other MMORPGs that is required for professions. Otherwise, you could extend the term “gathering” to any mission in any game where you have to go to seek or collect “something” somewhere.