Since launch of EA, I’ve been asking for 2x2 doors, arched door frames, bigger windows etc

After watching today’s Twitch stream, I am super excited about all the new building possibilities that will be available with the release of the new Blood & Sands DLC.

I’ll be your first customer on release :slight_smile:

Thank you Dev Team, these additions are very welcome.


Small additions, large affects.

Bigger orientation-agnostic tileable pieces like those double sized floors(?) do loading times alot of good.

The 2x2 doors are very important because the max support range wall to wall for a roof is 8 tiles. You can’t center a door along a 8 tile long wall. Now with a 2x2 you can.

Need more of these excellent “innovations” (or “monetized afterthoughts” if you’re a cynic)


Mods have been doing stuff like that for awhile. :wink: Just sayin’. XD


Mods aren’t for ps4. Ark has double doors. Minecraft has double doors. It not a new thing in gaming to have double doors.

Sorry but there aren’t any 2x2 doorways in that DLC. There is still the Gateway with 2 different types of Gates and 2 of the normal doorways with 2 different doors. There are Archway building pieces which you can use to build 2x2 archways.


Oh x)
Ah well… Atleast there are 2x2 archways for indoor room subdivisions.

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Unfortunately we can only make the subdivisions with new DLC parts. No Khitan, black ice, etc. arched subdivisions. :slightly_frowning_face:

One of these days, i’ll wake up early enough to watch a stream… sounds liek good stuff. XD

I have a complaint about the dlc though, why must they launch it on wife’s birthday? No way in hell i get any gaming done that day. Oh the agony off first world problems…

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lol - Yes and on a day where Im away from my PC travelling :slight_smile:

all theses new pieces for every materials would be better.

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I’m very excited for this DLC, it looks fantastic - using the word both for praise and also for how it supports the low fantasy genre and an age lost to prehistory. Love it!

Can anyone give me a definate if we have double doors in this dlc, or is it just more gates? On that note, bravo on more cage doors and gates.

By the way, does anyone know if there are any religious banners included among the Banners by any chance?

No, I don’t think we have 2x2 doors. It looks like a new arched gate and a new arched 1x1 door. It’s a shame I know, they just seem REALLY reluctant to make 2x2 doors!

I have noticed this reluctance too PitMonk, and I genuinely do not understand it. Perhaps they are proving diccicult to implement on a technical level. Had you noticed if there were religions symbol Banners?

No, I didn’t notice mate. You’ll find out in one of these videos if it was covered.

or here:

Not that I saw. I have the banners time stamped on my write up if you want to see them.

That is a bit of a shame, but its all good. There are still some interesting items in that pack.

Those archways, man … :heart_eyes:

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