Thanks, but no thanks


So it’s that time of year that I start sharpening my gear, bleeding hydraulic lines, and topping off tanks to supplement my income over the summer. It inevitably leads to a review of what I’ve been playing and what I’m not going to play over the summer as time becomes more limited.

What’s different this year, is that I think some of it will become permanent. I will return to old favorites, EVE, WoW, LOTRO and Arma. I’ll continue the pleasant grind thru RDR2 and may just dust off the ED covers one more time. What I won’t really be doing is Conan Exiles…or at least much of it.

I’ll still get on as a good gaming friend will still maintain a presence on her PVE-C server and so I wont have to worry about decay as such and can get on and have some conan fun. But as I took stock of what I do and don’t have time for, CE quickly rose to the top. The constant second job of having to submitt to weekly updates of structures so they’re not lost, the patches that just break more things, the list is long.

I’ve soldiered through it since EA, and through AoC since beta until the OP of the casters and one recurring theme bubbles to the top: Funcom just can’t possibly move in the right direction. Gods have been disabled since forever, known bugs are either ignored or reintroduced with each new patch, and for me, the “player unknown” was the last straw. I know the devs try hard but I always have the impression of them pedaling a bike with one rear wheel, a frame, and a set of handlebars. They have done incredible things: mounts, new dungeons, etc.

But they just don’t seem to get it.

We all get raided, that’s part of the game. But one of the core principles in PVP is that it is, however poorly done, it is a self regulating system of gameplay. Someone _sses up long enough, the folks on a server can gang up and “regulate” them. AFK raiding is a deal breaker for many, but as long as you know who did it, you can “regulate” it.

Without accountability, Conan Exiles just becomes an asocial petri dish.

PVP and it’s self regulation is lost.

So, I’ll still be around but I’m largely out. When it’s time to re-up the Ulfhedinn server (on Survival Servers), I’m just going to let it go. If you want to see the valley of the gawds or any of the other structures on it between now and then, message me and we’ll figure out a time to get you on, I can promote you to 60 and you can run around enjoying the sites.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a lot of fun and will always have fond memories of the game. It just seems that it’s now fundamentally broken and I don’t see Funcom listening to the regular players, just like with AoC, and consider it will likely go down hill from here. If not, I’d be happy to be wrong; but borking one of the main tent poles of PVP by removing accountability that allows gamers self policing, removes this game from the list.

Happy trails all, I’ll be around, wishing you all well.

One of the silliest things I’ve seen in game to date, is the player unknown dash on the player list for PVE-C. Really? Do you even understand the concepts of PVE-C and that being “unknown” is essentially pointless? It’s this kind of new level of silly that is just as breathtaking as EVE’s new “red dots”…

Thanks, but not thanks.


In a way I feel you a lot, and you have somewhat of my solidarity.

But look at Rust, the most successful survival game out there, you don’t know who raid you, and even if you are completely wiped you can get a base and weapons in matter of couple of hours.

About offline raids. Tell me a survival game that has offline protection out of the box, exactly, none.
In my opinion, and it’s definetly my own opinion, if you are offline then you are taking virtual, phisical and computing resources away from people who are actually playing.

About “reintroducing bugs with patches”, I actually have a list, a very detailed list, of old game breaking bugs that I test on each new patch, of course I’m not going to share it, it’s not my job, I was eager to share it during EA, but I was ignored. So I’ll keep it to myself, and share the bugs when they come back, because lets face it, most of them are damn hilarious.

Good luck exiled friend, hope you find something that satisfy you in the long run.
God speed.


I just don’t understand it when anyone says this. It’s obvious when anyone joins the server if you use the tools Steam provides.

  1. Right-click Steam on Taskbar, click Servers.
  2. Right-click your server and click View Server Info.
  3. This is the Game Info screen.
  4. Keep it up on your desktop, when the player list changes, drop on and take a sampling.
  5. To take a sampling, return to Steam, click View → Players. If you’re on the server you’ll see who’s on. If you’re no longer on, the players from the last session will appear in the Recent tab.

And yes, PvP has its flaws, but to be honest this seems like a going-away post. What would need to change in order to retain you? I am asking this because as I have just blasted past 5,000 hours, I have my own existential choices to be made.


‘‘We’ve taken away and important feature, but no worries lads, you can still use an external tool somewhat similar! Its all good!’’

Come on man, if they wanted you to be able to see other players through steam, this patch woundn’t even exist. Pretending that an external unintented tool is the ‘‘solution’’ is terrible.

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Event log uses generic player name, on test live at least, something like “some player” did this or did that…not going to be able to track that down.

this is a server setting, you can remove the anonymity on private servers. i do believe official servers (the live ones) are back to the old system with actual name displayed instead of a generic one.

I’ll take a look at steam, but player names don’t show on battlemetrics so the work around doesn’t sound accurate either, we’ll see. However, you’re partly right, with over 3,000 hours played it seems like time to limit any further investment in time or treasure… the post is about a recurring trajectory that Funcom seems cultural enslaved to - we’ve gotta be like rust, or wow or you name it. They end up incorporating other ideas, that players lobby for from other platforms, instead of sticking with a plan, a unique Funcom game play, and balancing it against what’s worked well so far (brought them all this initial success). OP Casters in AoC, Rust like anonymity in CE.

If it continues, the game will tank as AoC did, and it’s a pitty, such a great game and so much amazing gameplay. Lost, in keeping up. I shudder to think how bad it will be when “magic” is finally rolled out.

But what would it take to get me back? Nothing, there’s no going back to my past level of effort. I might be able to develop mods that will make me want continue with Ulfhedinn for some time, but I just can’t see throwing good money after bad game play.

It just shows a dash “-” for player unknown, the work around, unless I’m missing something, doesn’t work.

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