Thanks for all the mammory's

Well Conan Exiles, it’s time for me to say good bye for now. A new free game is in the Playstation store and frankly, you have ran your course. While I purchased both Year 1 and Year 2 season pass, you aren’t dropping new content fast enough to keep me focused and engaged. I’ll wait for September’s next release… maybe, but I won’t wait for anymore content as I’m sure it won’t drop for months maybe years or not at all as I see you seem to have tired for your game as well and moved on to your newest title… So, Funcom and Conan Exiles, you showed me video Boobage, mammory’s. …
Thank you and
Peace out.

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Waits for announcement of new DLC with others promised before end of year…and announces he is leaving the game
because content not coming fast enough so FC must not care about their game anymore. Makes sense.


Hey there,

We’ll proceed to close this thread as there is quite a few already discussing the release of new content and DLC and this one feels also a little bit more than trolling ( :eyes: Conan Exiles Community Guidelines - please read - Content Rule) rather than providing any real value to the discussion.
We wish you luck and joy in your future gaming endeavors and should you happen to decide to give Conan Exiles another try in the future, we’ll be happy to greet you once again.