Thanks for the blacksmith

Somebody on ps4 eu server 3200 deserves a big thank you from me. You see I knocked out a blacksmith in the hills behind new asgarath(spelling?) and it fell through the floor. I was gonna wait for the respawn and investigated a base near by. To my surpise i see a blacksmith bench out in the open with a working blacksmith level 2. Needless to say I didnt have to wait for a respawn after all. Thanks again

You must feel like a real man now?

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Lol. why are you bragging about that? Stealing Thralls is part of the game, but to take one like that so effortlessly is no reason to feel proud.

Next time, try to raid an online player, use resources to break through their walls and doors, and then you conquer the spoils of your efforts.

Do that and make another post telling all about it. I’ll give you a standing ovation, and put your name on my base above the door and the King Elk decoration.

I don’t feel proud its a genuine thank you to who left him out in the open.

Holy damn calm down lol

If it were genuine, you’d have left a note on the blacksmith’s bench.

I leave out low level thralls to help lower levels gear up and advance. If they get taken I make more it’s not hard. If I catch someone taking them I get a group together I supply everything to wipe them. Send a message thanks for loot shouldn’t steal from kind people.

Good point I will learn the recipe for note and go drop it off.

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