Thanks for the nice work on Siptah Funcom

I really love the Siptah map.

I don’t know for you, but for me it’s the map where you want to pick a Bossonian, Poitanian, Argossean, Yamatan. The people that are not really popular on the exiles land. Personnally i gonna play Poitanian and Yamatan on this map definitively.

The map is really beautiful… Vfx are nice. By the way the vortex reminded me Mortal Kombat Annihilation when Shaoh Khan bring his minions and they are falling from the sky with thunderq.

When near the coast and i look the sea my imagination say to me wow… yes wow… Something big could come from the sea like in these old good movies. Like the Kraken or something. Clearly this map is really well done. Better for imerging yourself than the exiles land. I don’t remember a map, where my imagination can vagabond like this and imagine a danger that don’t even exist in the game. It is a little realistic in this point of view when i am in the undergrowth for exemple. So yet i must say wow. I can easily imagine a Ray Harryhausen creature in this map… And it is real pleasure.

There is something else when iam playing Siptah. I feel it miss something and i think it is a new god. The new map need to have a new big treat! atleast one.

I feel another missing thing. This map should have a big fortified city somewhere something brilliant and full of majesty a nice one. I am not sure it could feet in the actual story. But it something i feel it miss to this map when i vagabond on it.

I am neutral about the story and all it’s differente temple.

Last thing: On the old map i liked Dagon minion because they look like it’s a guy in a costume. And i really like this feeling in the exiles land. But in siptah the reskin one is too much you should not have done a reskin but creating a completely new base. Maybe you wanted to have them a dumb face it could have been fun but actually for me it’s badly executed. But anyway nice try if it is the thing you trying to do!

Nice work Funcom.

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Was… was one of the Mortal Combat movies just referenced in a positive way?

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