Thanks for the quick fix to the crafting Q ./all!

Woop Woop! That was a big pain in the butt and I think many of us were worried we might have to deal with it for a while. Thanks for getting to it quickly. Very appreciated. Saved a lot of headaches!

A treat (tasty snacks) and an extra break to all coders!


Seriously, Funcom needs to give us a link to donate to a pizza* fund for the dev team.

* None of that :pineapple: :pizza: blasphemy, though :stuck_out_tongue:


Nothing wrong with pineapple pizza, dude :stuck_out_tongue:
(Seriously, what’s with the pineapple hate on the forums today? I may have to start defending pineapple rights :rofl: )

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It’s a running gag on the forums, because Ignasis likes pineapple on pizza. :slight_smile:

I’ve never even tried it, to be honest. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Anchovies and Pineapple. . . .

2021-09-02 18_51_09-Window

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Now that is something I have tried, even on pizza. I freaking loooooooooove anchovies.

There, another one of my dark secrets is out in the open :stuck_out_tongue:


This update sure did make the game much more pleasant. I was hoping it was not going to be too long before some things got fixed.

I like people pieces on my pizza. FOR YOG :metal::metal:


I love pineapple. I also love pizza.

But I also love miniature painting, and I love blue cheese, and I don’t try to mix those two, because one would ruin the other.


And now it’s time to fix the climbing issue :wink:

What climbing issue? Don’t recall seeing a bug report on that.


I haven’t seen anything about a climbing glitch either. Unless they meant the way you just lose your grip randomly?

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it’s not a glitch, but since the last update, when you try to jump and climb on a foundation, or wall, something, you got kicked back. The Behavior is not like before.


Patch notes talks about climbing issues being fixed. All I can say is if you have a reproduceable bug without mods, make a bug report about it. Devs can’t work on something if they aren’t aware of anything (and this is definitely the first time I’ve heard about anything like that).

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Yesterday I played for the first time the new update, since I receive it 2 days before in the afternoon and the download finished 01:00 after midnight. To be honest It was very difficult to climb to the edge of foundations, especially the flotsam, when I was reaching to the top instead of going up something was pushing me back all the time. But since I read this post I though it was internet failure (lag). I will check again today to confirm, thanks for bringing this up. If it is a bug it must be reported.

@zilio I confirm the issue, please proceed to report on pc.
@OctaviousWrex can you please report for Playstation, my English are not so formal and I might confuse the community admins, thank you :+1:t6:

And some booze for the community :rofl::rofl::rofl:. After all these posts they will start drinking to forget, omg sometimes we are a real pain in the butt.


@Halk - when you say you can’t add another 10 foundations to existing craft, have you tried clicking a couple of times? Since the new sped up crafting of building pieces, I find it often requires multiple presses to add more because if you coincide with the moment that an already queued piece is being finished then it doesn’t accept the new input. And pieces are crafting so fast that it’s often hard not to coincide with a piece finishing.

I figure you probably know this and are talking about a separate issue, but wanted to check just in case.

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You’re running, and then you try to climb up a foundation, rock or structure? Then all of a sudden, your character is in the “sliding” position partly up the thing?

Yeah, I figured that was the case (but it’s always worth checking :wink: ) - as far as I’ve noticed I haven’t encountered that issue (but most of the current batch of building pieces were either crafted before the patch or ‘craft all’, so I might not have tried since the patch). I’ll see if I can reproduce it when I log on later today. It’ll only be singleplayer (if memory serves you’re on a server?), but that might at least help confirm something.

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When I get a chance to get on tonight I’ll test the foundation climbing and crafting que to see if I can replicate them on Xbox as well

Climbing up onto things (anything at this point) seems less smooth than it used to be. I notice it at NPC camps as well climbing up some objects.