Thanks Funcom, the game is great again!

Thank you Funcom! It was being boring to play Conan Exiles. I had already bought all the DLCs, and even then, with each building I built, a neighbor always appeared and built something similar. Every armor I wore, I crossed paths with a “Nobody” and he was wearing the same armor. Everyone had all the materials, all the items, all the armor, all the weapons. Any naked in the desert could spend a few measly dollars and already be wearing an incredible yamatai armor. It wasn’t fair. Just because the player bought the game and paid for few DLCs, he was able to enjoy the game and have fun like me, a player willing to really value what the game is worth. Players are unique, and the game must expose their differences. If everybody can have everything, nobody has anything.

Now I will finally be able to have exclusive items, which few will buy. They won’t buy them not because they’re expensive, but because they don’t really know how to value the game! For those who know how to value the work of the team, only 10 USD spent in a pack with 6 amazing incredible unique items turns it in practically a free pack. This game is a masterpiece, and we must have the opportunity to prove that we recognize that! I want to parade through the jungle with armor and weapons that only I have. I want visitors to my base to be blown away by so many amazing unique items that only I have. If this is going to cost me lot of money, that’s ok! I live in capitalism, I’m used to it. The more I can spend, the more I can enjoy. Golden Rule.

Thank you Funcom for recognizing your best players by giving them the opportunity to be special in the game! May all players continue to have access to the amazing features that the base game already offers (even without any DLC, the game should already cost twice as much, with so many amazing things it offers). Players like me are willing to invest in the game even so you guys can offer free stuff to casual players. We want casual players in the game. Or for whom would we flaunt our exclusives? I only advise you to always be careful not to make luxury accessible to everyone, or the game will risk getting boring again. But those who know how to value the masterpiece that Conan Exiles really is will finally be able to invest whatever it takes to keep the game always amazing.


I am sorry I cannot give a heart, I will be able in an hour I guess, so until then take 10
The part that I agree the most is the part that in a game that we have so many thousands of hours gaming, the amount that we paid so far is humiliating! People with over 2k hours should never use the expression, I payed all the dlcs…
I payed 60 euro for games I didn’t play more than 300 hours and I was happy for it. In this game, I have literally payed nothing to what I gained!

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