Thankyou Funcom For Bringing Us Mounts!

I just wanted to say a quick thankyou to Funcom for persevering with Mounts and bringing them to Conan Exiles. Whether we as individuals personally wanted Mounts in the game or not, Im sure there is something we can all agree on. It has taken a LOT of time, manhours, persistance, and Im sure financial resources too, in order to make this happen for us, the players. This just reaffirms my faith in Funcom as a company, and shows the lengths they will go to to please their player base. You guys are awesome! So for working so hard, for so long to bring this often requested feature to Conan Exiles, we say:

Thankyou and Bravo!!! :clap:


Wait, what? How? When? Where?

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Been living under a rock have we?

No, i’ve just quit officials and lost interest. Figures that half my dreams come true right after that.

Murphy’s Law my friend. It is a governing force in my life.

Well you’ve got a couple more months to rest. It’s out in December. Not a lot of details as of yet, got all that to look forward to still.

The next patch I have detailed out in my usual written summary if you want to give that a read.


Good work and thanks, Multi. Also loving what you did with Paragon Level mod. :wink: (Maintaining it that is.)

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Well Halcyon if you decide you want to get back on the horse, you have a couple of months up your sleeve to to prepare to get on the horse. You can always go Singleplayer like us; life is peaceful here.

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No kidding, friend.
My stuff is being wiped on Atlas.
Now all I have is my stuff on ARK, but i feel oddly at peace now.

An idea for CE Unofficial server owners:
I’m actually playing on an Empyrion unofficial server right now. Owner does a wipe every 3 months, which coincides with huge updates. “Seasons” he calls it. But he wrote an App that works as a companion app with the game, where you have a limited amount of slots you can fill up with things to take with you across wipes.

I think he keeps inventory on a special kind of spreadsheet, then re-converts/translates the data into the new game update, so the stuff always remains compatible across several updates.

He’s making a living off of running this unofficial server cuz he earns his money from his companion app, and technically not off the game itself. You send chat bot commands via in-game chat, which the bot then processes, like on Anarchy Online.

“HWS server” -Empyrion Galactic Survival.

Pretty cool stuff.

I’d imagine if one could make a companion app to work with Pippi, it’d be a good way to make a living.

Anyway… sorry for derailing.

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Yawn… I’m so bored of this game.

Will there be rhino’s?

See the wiki for more information on the December update - only on mounts at the moment.
(Mounts, mounted combat and pet leveling)

And soon…Sorcery. All the things they said can’t happen are beginning to happen. Yay!.

I will have a reason to login again. Mounts may bring me new life. I have missed you Conan.


Siege mounts plz! Rhinos and elephants oh my!

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Thank you and BRAVO indeed mr Faithful!

I am very excited to see how this plays out, but even more excited to see what happens after release! I hope they make more mounts available like rhinos and saber-tooth tigers! Ooooh the possibilities!!!

I wanna ride a SPIYEDER!!! :spider::spider_web::spider::spider_web::spider::spider_web::spider::spider_web:


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