Thankyou Funcom for the New Rule Changes!

I agree. Thank you Funcom!



“I do it like this and anyone who doesn’t is wrong.” That’s why I say you keep making it about you. And you do that in almost every single post on this topic.


I do get a kick when people say “freedom of speech, but wait, there is responsibility/repercussions/penalties”. If there is a penalty, or some responsibility that comes from it, it is not FREE speech. Yes, there is times when there needs to be a reaction to speech, when that speech calls harm upon someone (greatest examples is how free speech is in the US, we all know it, Im not going through it). People should celebrate free speech, because there is many other countries that don’t have it, including Canada where Im from, and yes, I wish we did have it.

Back to the topic at hand though…I think we agree on this more then what we actually see. AT no point did I say Funcom will act and ban every single report that comes in. I have said this will lead to an increase in reports, since anyone can come up with a reason to be offended. Yes <---- that is 100% true, no one can dispute that. I have said that Funcom even acknowledges there is in game mechanics to deal with trolls, those using bad language and or offensive language (and yes, I do lump “trash talking” in with that, because if you have ever seen heated battles and wars, SOME people - not all - will use offensive language in their trash talking.) So, I roll all of that together in the same context, anything people type in chat, say over voice or put on signs - call it bad language, trolling, griefing, trash talking…I refer to the same thing.

My point here again, which Stacie brings up as well, who determines what is ultimately report worthy (Correct, Funcom, not what I mean) “bad language”. What one culture maybe deems ok, another might not. What I find offensive, you may not. It could very well be within Funcoms stated “human decency” by your standards, but maybe not mine. All Funcom has said is “theres the line over there, cross it, you can be banned”

Just like how the supreme courts in the US have said that yelling fire in a crowded theater is not free speech, and can be punishable, all the rest goes. If you wish to stand on a corner with a sign that reads your point of view, you can. I can find that offensive, but I cant do anything about it, but have a discussion. So where is Funcoms line? Human decency is not a line, since there is a vast array of vocabulary that doesn’t cross the line, but offends people.

Ok, Ill rephrase that since you are merely trolling me and adding nothing to the conversation besides insults at me.

“Who in their right mind would sit there and willingly engage themselves in getting trash talked, or paying attention to someone who is being indecent/rude/ etc etc etc, using foul language when Funcom has in game provisions to block and mute said people. That person does themselves no good to not put the effort in to use in mechanics to block out negative things”


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love you @Nemesis

Bad language is the short version of …

……because bad/foul language is exactly what the second quote is.

And see, youre still missing it "

….heres a closer look…

Like I said, if a person finds another persons comments offensive, it qualifies. It doesn’t have to fall under any other category, but Funcom has opened the doors to be flooded with reports of people being offended.

The rules were fine the way they were, Funcom had in game mechanics to deal with language, and on PVP servers, there is ways to deal with spam/blocking/ etc, and all the other stuff.

I do agree that on PVE, that’s where their special consideration needs to be to prevent spamming on those servers, that’s no different then undermeshers and exploiters on PVP. Deal with that.

The rest? Mute. No need to flood Funcom with reports one person may find offencive, but may in fact not be.

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@WhatMightHaveBeen, did someone hack your account, you are giving too much love :smiley:


Sometimes all you can do is love someone to help them thru their issues.


Agreed, the changes are very appretiated.

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Figured from the start that people are only trolling, namecalling and gunning for the asura tag instead of having a discussion.

I want a asura tag

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most of us just gave up trying to have a discussion with you :wink:


No, not better. It’s still “I’m not affected by words so everyone else has to be like me”. You can rephrase it any way you want, but as long as the essence is “anyone who doesn’t do what I do is wrong”, it’s still going to be about how your way is the only right way. :man_shrugging:

If it worked the way you described it, I could:

  1. report you for not using the apostrophe in the word “person’s”
  2. say that it’s offensive to me
  3. get you banned

But it doesn’t work like that. That’s just you, pushing your slippery slope argument up the hill of “we ain’t fooled by fallacies” :wink:

Yeah, that’s another argument you’ve been pushing all this time. This idea that Funcom will be “flooded” and, I guess, incapable of dealing with it. And I suppose that because Funcom is totally incapable of dealing with it, that’s why we need to get rid of that part of the rules, right?

You might have a point there. It’s not like Funcom could see that they’re receiving a disproportionate amount of spurious reports and put up another message that says something along the lines “don’t abuse the reporting system” with an explanation. And it’s not like they have the power to put that message somewhere where everyone can see it, like when they log into a server. And to even imagine that, if people keep abusing the reporting system despite that, they could give the report abusers a slap on the wrist in the form of a 1 day ban or something like that, so the word spreads? Now that’s preposterous! You’re totally right, we should get rid of these unreasonable rules that Funcom won’t have any chance of dealing with…

There’s a point where “come debate me bro” stops being taken seriously. It’s different for every discussion and for every participant in it. I don’t know about others, but for me it was when I realized that you’re doing a textbook motte-and-bailey argument. The only reasons I keep engaging is because:

  1. There are times when it looks like you can drag others down the same path.
  2. Sometimes I’m too distracted to focus on important stuff in real life, so I kill time by arguing in the most pointless online discussion I can find :stuck_out_tongue:

So, you go from saying “quit making this about you” to this now? There are many ways to deal with the situation being discussed: quit the server, mute and ignore, use Funcoms already in game mechanics.

You can put I, me, you, random person in as the subject and its still the same - deal with it the same way, I just don’t understand how you cant see that. At no point did I say if they didn’t do what I do, they are wrong, you are making things up and shoving words in my mouth. I told how I deal with these issues, and that there is in game mechanics already in game…which was promoted by Funcom to use. Now, with the changes, and the rewording of the rules (which didn’t need to be done on the language) it will cause more reports to come in, most of which if not all, will be ignored. That’s what I said.

Ahhh, but YES IT CAN. You CAN report me for that, and low and behold, Funcom gets another waste of time report. The ban wouldn’t happen (in this case) but someone took time out of their day to read that. Remember them saying they don’t have time to admin their servers because there is 1000’s of them? You think they will read the increased amount of reports? Which seems like a better way to spend time to ACTUALLY IMPROVE THE GAME.

Once again, you are making things up and putting words in my mouth. I said they will get more reports, I never said they are incapable of dealing with it, or making their call on those reports. Let me state it again, since you just cant grasp it - There is in game mechanics to deal with language, and there is no need to report every word that triggers you!

I will agree though, that abuse of the new changes may lead to additional warnings/repercussions due to false reports/abusing the reporting system. How much do you want to bet that scenario will happen 100x more often when reporting someones foul language vs a clan that is exploiting or undermeshing/cheating etc?

I missed the part where I said to remove the rules…I said, it was an unnecessary change that will not improve anything…heck why am I just repeating myself after every time I have to quote you being wrong?

THANK YOU for admitting you are not contributing to the actual discussion, but rather are trolling…which, if Im not mistaken is against the forum rules. But, Ill leave it at that and ask that @Ignasi close this thread since it is no longer worth talking with trolls.

As a pre-Crisis haberdashed and Esquire-Mag-subscribed gentleman, snowflake goes back even farther, to mean one who opposed the abolition of slavery. This was the late 1800s, once again proving etymology can be deadly serious and simultaneously ridiculous. At one point, it was a neologism, which took time to adopt, die out, then adapt and come back in full force. Sounds familiar, and spookily germane.

One of my journalism colleagues in Michigan said he was covering a courthouse today, and his cameraman got a blocking protestor to back up by calling him a snowflake. However, as he did so, the picketer settled his hand on his holstered open-carry. Just goes to show now, as in the 1870s, is a terrible time to be calling each other names.

Let’s all be safe out there, but truly, call me anything in the game you like. I broadcast, therefore off goes the chat. :smiley:

He’s not a troll. But even if I didn’t believe that already, nothing you quoted could be interpreted that way. It reads to me as if he’s doing a public service to with any hope attempt to steer this conversation away from a particular sawhorse. Which you are riding.


@Nemisis As a relative newbie here with no horse in this race, you’re pretty argumentative for the sake of arguing from what I’m reading. Further, you accuse others of trolling while hanging back just behind the lines of any kind of forum repercussion, which is a troll trademark.


And teach the other side that bad behaviour will have no consequences?
No. Sorry. Wrong way.


And you just did the same thing, called me a troll very politely as to avoid forum punishment.

Pot, meet kettle.

We have to be civil in discussions, and we can have our points of view. I can see very few see this debate from my side, and that’s fine. In the days this thread has evolved, I have been chatting with the Conan group that used to play with…and they have gotten quite a few laughs as well. But, I guess you hang with like minded people so its to be expected…and I can see these forums changing to that too.

Well that depends if your talking about actions vs words. Actions yes, should have repercussions, but words, that’s a different story. I guess the forums, that majority of its users, and Funcom believe that any negative words should be censored, deleted or punished…which we can see from flagged comments. I had one in another thread that was flagged for the line “the squeeky wheel gets the grease”.

Bottom line, the minority wont change the minds of the majority, no matter the cause. Its ok, though. Next on the list of things to discuss is consensual pvp, where you must ask the other players permission before fighting them. I think its a good idea to explore since you would hate to be reported for harrassment or griefing, for jumping someone when they don’t see you coming.

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Nah. Your MO is conflict. It’s not about discussion with you and you’re clearly a contrarian. Like I said, I’m new here so it’s not like I have anyone to need to side with over this.


As I mentioned, previously:

"People will be offended by many things. Some are obvious; racist, sexist, culturally derogatory, and homophobic names. "

But it’s not “bad language,” it’s racist, sexist, culturally derogatory, and homophobic.

What good is done by allowing such things in a private community? What harm is done by preventing it?

At the heart of it, it is Funcom’s call.

This talk of censorship displays a profound misunderstanding of the word and the EULA to which we all agreed to play the game.