Thankyou Funcom for the New Rule Changes!

Interesting discussion for sure.
One point which I’m not sure had been made yet for all those “blurry and subjective lines” out there (for offensive language as well as for buildings affecting server performance):
Will there be a sort of warning system? Like you get a warning because someone finds your name offensive and get one chance at changing it.
Or you are warned that your bed of foundations is making server crash (most people are actually oblivious about that) and get a chance to remove it…
There will be cases of people reported even though they didn’t have malicious intent. Maybe they shouldn’t be banned on the first strike?

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Alright, ill admit that i have been critical of Funcom in previous posts, the majority of my posts have been hidden/removed. Thats how unsupportive of Funcom i have been. But this changes things, i suppose ill have to stop calling the game, “lawless”. Ok Funcom gg, this will shut me up…as long as the new rules are actually enforced…and not just for show…


You said blow landclaim with bombs yeah? How you suppose to blow it if you have no brimstone income?

And now what? We’re building big base for 8 months. Its our defence system. And now what? We need to destroy it? Becasue lags? Rly u wanna to lose players who was playing a long time? Why?

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hello dear companions and companions of conan exiles. I come to you with a question, a concern can be said a nuisance. I have been playing this game for 2 years which I love and have invested many hours of my life. on the Official Server 3176. I have been playing for a year and a half. a clan called The Legion. He has dedicated himself to closing the obelisks, covering the sulfur. cover as many buildable surfaces as possible. I know this is PVP and it is worth everything but it is no longer a game and something so fun when it becomes something so sick as to ruin the gaming experience of anyone who wants to play it. people go in and out of the server to see what they are doing with the obelisks and everything. Can somebody help me? or remove the doubt at least? Is this not an attitude that the entire clan should be able to ban? They say that the administrators of CONAN do not interfere in these cases, but I trust that they do. they are breaking their own game. thank you very much.

I agree that the closure of resources and obelisks should be prohibited. but with a design limitation is not clear. After all, it is necessary to protect the base. For example, you can easily and fairly quickly build a catapult from scratch. Protection from the catapult at the altar is a slave with a name and 500 coins. You need to find a slave with the name, get him, kill 500 NPCs to collect resources and enable protection. One enslavement takes a lot of time. Then you need to come up with a slave with a name for the catapult.

The lag ruin the experience of other players, so I think you should. Futhermore you should show some empathy for the rest of the fellow gamers.

Mate I send 5 report’s about black keep being blocked it’s been like that for 3 weeks and still nothing so I hope this time people responsible for that misery will be banned this clan broke rules hire on this server for over year it’s just frustrating

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This is…in my eyes a step the the right direction. Especially PVE and PVEC servers.

This is good. A step in the right direction.

Yeah that’s a real good idea mate… They are taking the steps needed to make this game a batter place just curios to see how it all works out…

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Yeah! Very cool :). Ty very much Funcom :kissing_heart:


It work out shut for me I’m clean player and loved in today and my base is gone all my thralls still shoving in menu but I can’t see them

No, because the forums are paid for by them. Making them a private area, where they get to set the rules. I am done, as there is no educating the willingly ignorant.


Yeah no likey vague rules about offensive language and vague building restrictions. Dont give me rules that exsist in nebulous case by case bases and please be sure to have the consequences fully detailed per offense. Its 2020 and were on the internet. Prepare for the forums to become noting but people taking offense. I cant wait till we get it in our heads that its more tyrannical to impose language restrictions and people worrying about censorship than it is to ignore some mouth breathing half breed donkey whos sterile and dripping puss (see two words seven letters woulda been better for everyone). Maybe i shouldnt assume but its already been done about @Nemesis and im sure itll be done to me, Im assuming the guy who was crying about the covid clan fits a very specific profile as do the people who dont understand why people take defense of it either being 100% free speech or its not free speech. im not worried that what im doing right now is bad, im worried about you changing the rules again in six months to fit the new narrative thats been constructed to cancel or thought police someone. Also, lets be real clear Im not worried about offending people, no ones ever worried about offending me. If you take offense to me saying “you shouldnt need someone to police words you dont like. If you are not big enough to either A. Walk away and realize that if youre really that mad about words you need to self reflect and have mommy pay for some therapy, or B. Stand up for yourself and make them stop.” Im glad. It be a whole different story if this was in anyway a real world situation where someone trapped in a corner screaming for help. Its a video game and a forum about a setting thats full of politically incorrect things. Words are racist, cant use um. Thralls are racist, they are literally slaves, cant use um. Darfari are racist, they are some of the weakest human npcs, are cannibals, and portray african tribes in a negative light worshipping a corrupt evil god, get rid of um. Topless dancers on ps4 are sexist, males are censored and under sexualized while the female characters are over sexualized and where are their organs, get rid of um. Im mean dev team you have to be aware of the kind of can or worms you just peeked into.

Also @Larathiel im gonna need you to change your name, avatar, and the name of the npc. See im triggered by anything that can be related back to tolkiens use of vowels in his construction of elf words. You should probably get banned too, every time I see your thrall in game im reminded me or the kin slaying in the undying lands and the hardships suffered after.

Oh and im gonna need the tribe thats building next to me and interfering with the land claim inside my base banned. The one players name is “crazy_femaledog” except two "a"s exist instead of an “I” between the “b” and the “t”. That triggers me too, it normalizes the kind of sexual violence Asia Argento perpetrated on a minor, the kind of sexual violence Joe Biden has commited that Alyssa Milano has validated, and the kind of criminal behavior Amber Heard is being tried for. They also use drug refrences in their names.

If you dont understand, ill be clear the last two paragraphs are satire. Examples of how with a smidge of righteous indignation one bends internet cancel culture to be a weapon of personal gain or petty revenge. Consider them please before we go full marvel. Cause after this funcom youll start hearing about diversity, and your staff looks pretty white to meee.


I spent a year reporting a player on official server having most obelisk blocked and warmaker. This player had builds around everything with doors on them. Finally he left or was banned so myself and a few others tenure players on server decided to not let this happen again so we all built next to obelisk so no one else could build here and block obelisk. Now I wonder if the new policy will get me banned?

Take your own advice there…If not being able to use certain words set you off on a garbled, prolonged spiel of self righteousness veiled in the wrap of “Freedon of Speech” mantra, then you may need therapy. Also, no one is saying you can’t ever use or say them, just not on a Funcom funded site or server, where it seems a majority are tired of the antics of backwards thinking, self centered individuals. So put your money where your mouth is, and pay for a private server/blog/forum/podcast, and allow any and all immature and small thinking individuals to find a safe harbor in your freedom of speech safe zone.


Building a big fucntional base is okay. what will draw attention and possible reports is apraying threads and threads of foundations in spider web chains to blockade areas. IE, if you build a 100x100 base, and actually use creativitybuilding towers, crafting buildings, stables, etc, that is one thing. But if i build a 5x5 apex base, then foundation claim the enitre g4 map square to prevent building trebs around it, that is another.

Probably not. The best way for a server to protect against this, is to each build next to these areas. thus, none of the clans can take the entire area. IE, 4 clans each put up a small functional base close to the obbie. There would be no way to close it off completely that way, as gaps in the land claims between clans would be open.


@WhatMightHaveBeen that exactly what we did. We all took a piece of obelisk so no one had complete control.

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