Thankyou Funcom for the New Rule Changes!

Beautifully written, and the EXACT POINT Im trying to make. You can literally make up any scenario and call yourself offended by it, and scream that it gets censored.

I don´t see how rules alone will solve any problems on official servers. Everybody knows that rules don´t matter if your not have to fear any consequences.

I believe that a lot of the problems we encounter with pvp today on any server, no matter if it is privat or not, began as kind of a “trial and error” on official servers. Curious how a hack works? Will it be detected? Where can I undermesh? How works an exploit? Figure it out on officials where you don´t have to deal with any sorts of consequenses and than spread the stuff out to the rest of the servers. Funcom layed the ground for this and still is. 3,5 years they still don´t see how bad of an idea it is to allow 10 man groups on a server for 40 people. I doubt they understand that whats happening right now is that this community gets more and more toxic every day, because they did absolutly nothing to prevent it from happening.

No, because the forums are paid for by them. Making them a private area, where they get to set the rules. I am done, as there is no educating the willingly ignorant.

I never refered to the forums, but rather in game where slavery, sexism, and butching is allowed…remember, its a 18+ game, and the language goes along with it.

Great example of what YOU consider a functional base. Granted, yes, on a PVE server you would have towers, crafting buildings and stables, and all kinds of other great looking buildings. PVP, you need the most secure, the strongest and the most formidable base to keep your things safe. Sometimes that means ugly and a cancerous build. So, what you may consider a spam base that needs to be reported, might just be a very well defended base for PVP.

This one is beautiful. People complain about people blocking obelisks and want people banned for it and you go and support the proper in game way of dealing with it…that’s been in the game since obelisks came to be!! On PVE servers, legit clans that are there to enjoy the game should have on day 1 put some land claim near an obelisk to make sure its never blocked off. On PVP do the same, but you need more land claim so its not easily removed in a matter of minutes, and replaced with a building blocking it…which…hold on…can be destroyed and replaced with your own land claim! Whining in the forums to ban people for this when there is ALREADY MECHANICS IN GAME TO DEAL WITH IT is stupid and childish. If you’ve been on a PVE server for more then a year, then someone comes on and blocks an obelisk, sorry your either dumb as sh*t for not already claiming the area to keep it open, or your too lazy to use alternative methods. (Hands up for those that actually remember a version of the game with no obelisks and enjoyed having to actually run around to do things)

To finalize your idea of putting land claim around an obelisk to prevent others from blocking it off, please tell me what server its on. Im going to log in for a week then report you to Funcom for unnecessary spam. Eh, but what do I know, Im just willingly ignorant after all.

@WhatMightHaveBeen now u can have a new sport and many I am sure will appreciate your efforts even if they won’t know what u have done.

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The problem with using hyperbole and satire as the basis for your argument is that it makes the whole thing look farcical. Also, “cancel culture” only works when they’re able to mobilize a massive virtual mob. Exactly where do you foresee such a throng of individuals coming from? For that matter, how gullible do you think Funcom’s staff are to not be able to discern a whiny brat with a bruised ego from the real deal? I seriously doubt this is their community managers’ first rodeo.

That would be a good argument to make in the “What should the person above you be banned for” thread. :wink:


Then i think you should be safe. that is my opinion only.

And if they would see that, and realize that you are just being a temper tantrum child about it, they exercise the final part, where they say reporting without real evidence or to be (in my words) a troll about it could lead to you being punished.

And like i said, not build walls, but functional bases. Map room by one clan. Well by another. Campfire and cooking area by another. You see, if i was to log in and see that around an OPEN obbie, i would think, that is not griefing or trying to kill a server.



What i find the most amusing about people worried about getting banned is ,what did they think would eventually happen?

That Funcom was going to sit back and let them kill servers, as is there claim of main intentions? Yeah, a business is going to let you push away perspective DLC buyers. Shows the IQ we are dealing with. Selfish and not very big picture thinkers. guess that is why they feel empowered by living on the virtual desolate servers they create, and threatened when the real Alphas (FUNCOM) come to clear up servers.


Hey Exiles, just wanting to get thoughts on the new rules and regulations. What does everyone think about them? Are they too harsh, or are the new rules and regulations fair for everyone?

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Beauty, you just described every situation on PVP servers. Thank you.

No matter what stance Funcom took here someone was going to be upset, and I am completely fine with that someone being the hypocritical edgelords who only care about their own idiosyncratic version of freedom of expression where they get to be as nasty and offensive as they want without facing any consequences and see treating others with basic common courtesy as a sign of weakness.

And that’s all I have to say on that topic.


There in lies the problem. IF you really wanted PVP, you are not worried about easily replaceable materials. Most of the Alphas on servers now only want to farm PVE style, and then bully with reource inbalance. They really don;t want to square up on the battle field and fight it out Conan style. They want to put as much stuff in their safe havens, then decide to troll a less resource rich clan until they quit, then go back to farming 8 hours a day to put in chests. I hate having material stack up. Usually when that starts to happen for my clan, we punch a large clan in the mouth, then fight. We only store about 1 week ahead raiding mats. Outside of that, we just start building a base in the open, and pray someone hits us so we can go and defend and use all the gear we have been stashing. Seems you just want to keep farming, well then go to PVE. That is what it is for. to farm and never have to fight.

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You are welcome. I felt a person with more IQ could articulate what you so severely could not. I am always here to make sure your ideas come across intelligently.


100% behind Funcom on trying to make the game a place where more gamers can play…


Remove OP follower thralls, mounts and external things like that, that give a massive edge in actually PVP combat, and ill agree with you. The greatest wars and battle we ever fought in Conan were done by only players and no thralls. It was fun, epic, and the memories are amazing. Now? Its a complete sh*t show with thralls having 20k hp and can two shot a pvp build. Gone are the days of player vs player fighting, so yeah you do need to keep things safe (raid materials, replacement building pieces/materials, weapons and armor, heals and buffs)

And for someone who likes to sit on his high horse and insult others intelligence, you completely missed what point Ive been making, and you’ve been missing. Since players on PVP servers couldn’t handle blocked things in game (blow it up and replace it with your land claim), couldn’t handle offencive language (mute) using the already in place mechanics…they can now whine to Funcom for the other players to be banned, instead of handling it yourself.

Heck, Funcom might as well follow the route of New World by Amazon, and force players to have consensual PVP. Players already could be banned for land claim (part of the game) or language (sorry but sh*t talking has been a part of online competitive gaming for decades), might as well go one more step and ban them for attacking without permission!

Guys take it civil!


There is a difference between strategic blockade, and 10,000 sandstone foundations threaded all around the summoning place.

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Sure, its called perspective. What works for you, might not work for me. End result in both cases is the same on PVP, slowing the opposition down to gain the upper hand, and the win.

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That is a fair question.

I look at it this way:

What harm is being done by not using generally agreed upon hateful clan and player names?

At the heart of it, though, there is the fact that Funcom is a private company and these are their rules. We can object, we can complain, we can petition for change. But, ultimately, we agree to abide by the rules when we log into their game.


I don’t envy Hugo and Ignasis. We may not hear from them till Christmas lol :smiley: