That brand new guy at your infantry unit that thinks he’s a cool badass carrying a dozen knives 😂

Sorry had to, lol my thrall reminded me of the new guys you get when in the infantry that think they need to carry a dozen knives (usually a throwing knife somewhere to like some weirdo :joy:)

Ahhhhh Ulric……bro you don’t need 4 knives AND a ranged weapon :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


don't judge me



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Cool looking :sunglasses: guy

There’s one in every unit. Even in signal.

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Ah a sig pig :wink: lol jks

i first joined on as signals before doing a transfer to infantry myself, signals usually had a ton of your “carry 10 knives guys” in my military haha sucked when i went infantry tho cuz they always pushed me to carry the radio since inwas already qualified as a sig, yea they never managed to, lol i transfered for a reason outta the sigs, never gonna get a man pack on me ever again :joy:

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Is 25C really signal tho? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I did Satcom, and loved it.

Is 25c American?

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Yeah, I didn’t even realize you weren’t. Kinda shows soldiers are soldiers no matter where ya go. :grinning:


He looks ready for a Pelican attack.

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It’s not only fighters :expressionless:

“Dancing with weapons is so edgy!”

Performers might forget how to use weapons in battle betimes, but damn, they sure know how to use them as a stylish dance accessory!


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