That Trello Board Voting System is an industry first on publishers. (AFAIK) It needs recognition

Srsly. Which publisher involves the community like that?
The community manager team here blows all other community managers out of the water, and are in the same echelon as Indies and Roberts Space Industries.

FAAAAAR far far ahead of any publisher I know. That really left a deep impression on me.
The PR team excel at working with the cards they’ve been dealt. This amount of work goes far beyond pay. It has to be a labor of love, to want to take to heart the laments of a thousand brats.

I sincerely hope Funcom treasures their PR team and gives them a lot more trust, funding and ears, because they are not only the eyes and ears of Funcom, but the open palm that receives and softens the blows. The community managers detoxify the franchise like pros and shed light into a hopeless situation.

They may not debug or fix the game by themselves, but they jolly well keep the water out of the boat, while the engineers fix the boat.

Damage control of the human element. No other publisher seems to understand the importance of that.

This needs to be celebrated, not just quietly recognized. This needs to be shoved into the faces of EA, Blizzard, Ubisoft etc.


Communication is not if you are told what you want to hear, but that you are told something. And i agree 100% @Halcyon. There back and forth’s on this forum is above other forums i have been on.
do they prematurely ban and close threads some times? Yes. but more often than not, they are trying to moderate threads to stay on topic, not become flame warfare between posters, and not become circular arguments. I know they have flagged some of my posts. At the time i thought my sarcastic remark was funny/somewhat whimsical in nature. But re reading them, i can see where they saw a fuse to an argument that has nothing to do with an OP for that thread. SO :star::star::star::star::star: for the trello baord, and this forum in general.


Flagging is generally done by other users, not by moderators or staff. There’s a few regulars who’re almost guaranteed to flag you at the slightest provocation. No big deal by any means though.

Yeah, forgot that. Removed is what i meant. Unless they aren’t doing that either. Then i must be hated on by other users :slight_smile:

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