That would be cool if there was an option to hide map grid numbers and letters

In my opinion that would be cool if they either removed the numbers and letters from the map or made an option to hide them. It would be more immersive as well as better for people who dont like the numbers/letters grid on top of the map. That’s merely a suggestion but that would be awesome if they either removed that or made a way to toggle hiding that .

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That’s how it was originally, and it was a godsend when they finally added them. I just wish that the numbers and letters weren’t printed on the map graphic and were instead fixed to the side of the map window like in MS Excel. If they did that, then it would probably make it feasible for folks like you to turn it back off, while allowing the rest of us to not have to pan around to figure out what our location is when a friend asks.

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I hate numbers and grids usually. But some people like them. There could be an option in the settings to hide/remove them.

On the one hand, I prefer the immersion of the original map. Back then, people would say things like “by the Corner of Bones” or “just outside the northwestern gate of Unnamed City” or “on the island you can see from the Lookout Point”, instead of “bottom-right F5”, “bottom-right C7” or “the island in J5”.

On the other hand, I don’t feel about it strongly enough to suggest removing it or making it configurable :wink:


Latitude and longitude have been a thing since 300 BC… so while the argument could be made that the Hyborean age precedes that, the technology of the Hyborean age was more advanced so…

It’s personal preference but I would love if that had a configurable option.

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“More options is always the best option” as someone always says here on the forum ^^

“Except when they require a keybind,” says the lonely voice of the left-handed gamer.

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