That's joke? Саn't play online

Hello everyone. I played this game yesterday with a girlfriend on a free weekend and I liked it.
I bought 2 copies of the complete-edition game and 2 battle passes (Steam).
Today, an error appeared in the main menu that you can’t play online.
Should we return the funds via steam or is this a massive mistake that will be fixed soon?


Its a temporary connectivity issue. Just bad timing that it happened as you got into the game.


This is an ongoing issue that is affecting multiple players:

Bad timing that was constant, over the last day.

That excuse simply doesn’t cut it.

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Its just a fact. Its bad timing they bought the game while the connectivity issues have happened. Its not an excuse, its just a fact.

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This is not something that should be a matter of timing to have access to something after you paid for it. THAT is just a fact.

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Oh the injustice.

MetalBeowulf dont wanna ear from nobody but devs on hes topic “because hes very very angry”, but come on others calling them “smartass” not that angry anymore… sems legit!!!

Welcome to the forum exile.
I do understand and remember this feeling, my son years ago download it from psn. Since then i just take small breaks and always return since on the comparison this game always wins.

I ain’t going to lie to you. I have no reasons anyway, yes i love the game but i am a costumer too, a player.
From what i took so far from this game the amount i have spent is too low. Even if i own all the dlcs (4 gifts, bought the rest) and i have spent over 100€ on bp and bazaar, still i haven’t really paid the value i received. But this is me, how i see things and compare with other games. A fast example 80€ for god of war and i don’t want to play it again :confused:.
100hrs max zero online experience . In this game i touch 7k hours and met over 100 people , so do the math and understand why i speak the way i speak about this game.
So speaking from all my experience in these game through years, especially after Derketo dlc we started to have minor update issues that getting more and more through the years. Of course their hotfix is always quite fast, one week to 10 days max. And when they do hotfix they work on Sundays too.
So be prepared for this. As i told you in the beginning, i ain’t going to lie.

This is totally on you, totally. No other can tell you what to do. I do understand the disappointment, when something “breaks” and ruin your enthusiasm. That’s why @darthphysicist spoke about bad timing, he understands your situation 100%. It’s pity both for you and the company. Simple as that we know what you’ll miss if you leave, but we will understand why.

In any case, welcome exile, happy to have you around again :metal:

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There you go m8, i believe your problem is solved.

Yep, I was able to get online last night with no issues.

Yes, it was bad timing because I had a free Sunday I wanted to spend playing CE, and I’m sure so did many others. so it’s completely understandable that many folks got upset over it, especially considering the growing pains caused by a vastly changed combat system people still need to get used to.

Mind you, if you’ve played the game for more than two hours, Steam won’t refund the purchase without especially solid reasons. So, if you’ve already exceeded that time limit, I suggest giving the game another chance, because it’s really fun. (Naturally, as with every online multiplayer game, the fun is also dependent on other people, but you can play co-op mode with just the two of you or have your own dedicated server if you don’t want to play with randoms.)

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