Thats One Hell of a Bottle!

When last playing Conan Exiles I finally happened upon Razor Gord the T4 Cook, and Drunkas Mad Eye. Having defeated my culinary savvy and well watered opponents, I searched their bodies and turned up 2 unique items. First was the Chefs Trusted Cleaver which I found quite cool. However the second left me scratching my head somewhat. A broken bottle named appropriately ‘Broken Glass’. While being able to jam a broken bottle into an enemies face sounded neither unusual or objectionable in the Hyborian world, one thing did for me; the damage. It has a damage rating of 52 and the durability of a Legendary Weapon. You mean to tell me that this broken grog bottle does more damage to an enemy than a Hardened Steel Greatsword…!?

Look I have nothing against this weapon per se, it is unique and humorous. And I am rarely ever a person who pushes the realism argument. But maybe we should dial the damage back a little on this one, it is off the charts for what it is. Not every new unique weapon need have stats which place it at the top of the pack. If it has a unique visual appearance people will still seek it out and collect it. Any thoughts…?

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Caveat? only usable while inebriated. :astonished: LOL


This ‚bottle‘ is technical an axe and with 52 base dmg it does not play in the Top League of same weapon class

Ahh tis indeed true that it uses Axe animations. But heres the thing; I could grab a bottle out of my liquor cabinet and swing it like an axe all I like, but at the end of the day it is still a bottle. In the game it is stronger than Archeronian, Hardened Steel and Lemurian War Axes…a hunk of glass. So while it is not the absolute top dog, which I didnt say that it was, it is certainly does play in the upper end of axes.

Bottle damage is pretty accurate.

Source: Phoenix, AZ, has a HUGE underground fight club scene.

comes from a legendary drunkard! so this is not the bottle u have on ur house! XD it is a legendary bottle!

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My friend with durability such as that there can be no other plausible explanation. :laughing:

I wonder if perhaps the former contents of the bottle were legendary also. It could potentially explain his loss of eye.

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From the description, the dmg is acceptable, but the durability indeed should be way less, and be repaired with glass.

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