The 10th year anniversary. Does anyone still own these? A blast from the past!

It just so happens that last week I was reading through the Age of Conan game manual and the BradyGames strategy book. I then checked the date and spotted the 10th year anniversary coming up!
Does anyone still own both of these?

The BradyGames book is full of information. Some of it is still relevant to the game today. Its also nice to see a game manual in paper form these days!

I did try to include a screenshot, but it appears new users are unable to.

Yes, I also have the old strategy book I bought at the same time as the game back in May 2008.

Great :slight_smile:

I just recently loaded AOC back up and happy to see the Amazon pre order items can still be claimed. The drinking cape, Amazon bow, and the mount.

I have The collectors edition, with all content. In mint condition

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