The 50 mil npc kill event

Its a very nice event well done on that!
Wish only the servers were a bit more stable

Count currently at 47 mil

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Count currently 49, 229,567



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You’ve done it! And way faster than expected :sweat_smile:

As we mentioned in the event description and just to confirm: All platforms will get these rewards, in an upcoming patch in the near future. Stay tuned!


thank you ignasis yeah i was suprised as well though will you do a tally up and see which did the most id love to see that data


Answer is less ‘where’ than ‘when’. Based on other replies, when is: ‘with a future patch’

Where: likely show up as a craft-able armor in the armor bench and a saddle in the saddle bench.

I fully expect the gear to be low tier (non-epic). I hope there is an epic version unlocked with epic armor, but i won’t be surprised if otherwise.

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