The Abandoned - Can't Select Corpse


During the Shadowy Forest quest, The Abandoned, you have to follow an npc, who is following a mysterious woman to a remote place, where she kills him, after which (at least in the original version of the quest before ‘Legends’) you are supposed to select and interact with the man’s corpse, to find eggshells and a note, which advance the quest.

The problem I’m having is I’m unable to select or search the corpse, nor anything else in the area and can’t advance the quest. I can interact with other objects in the world just fine though…

I’ve already tried jumping zones, reloading game and repeating the quest from initially following them but no change. Has this quest been changed and you’re no longer supposed to interact with the body, or is it just glitched for me?


This will not directly help you, except to say that when I last ran this, I had to go back to where they started and follow them again four or five times before I was eventually able to interact with something near the body that advanced the mission.

So other than keep trying I don’t have a solution, but I believe I have seen what you are describing.


It’s not your first time doing this mission I assume? I recall only one problem I personally faced - it’s important to be close to them when she kills poor man. Like, no need to try to avoid her magic, just stay near and watch.


This part of the mission can be horribly glitchy in SWL, but the issue I’ve most often found with it is that the tier doesn’t advance from “Investigate the story in the book” to “Follow the mysterious woman” when it should do, at which point you can still follow them and watch the scene play out, but the mission will be stuck on an earlier point so the body won’t be interactable.

I’m not 100% sure on this since this isn’t a mission I rerun much, but try (a) standing really close to and (b) targetting the “Mysterious Woman” when she first appears and before the two run off.


THAT was the issue…I guess I was just being too impatient and when the woman appeared, I was already getting a little ahead of them to their destination in an attempt to not accidentally get tagged and held back by mob aggro if following back behind them at their pace.

When I just stood by the man until she got next to him at the start to entice him to follow her, the quest updated (as it should) to follow her, which allowed the update to examine the corpse after she killed him. Thanks.


Resolved // Closing thread.