The ability to Create as many Toons/Create Characters as you want

Offline single players need something to call thier own. I want the option to Create 50 toons/ created characters. As well as used all 50 in Offline single player mode. These A.I. are not Thralls. There stats are same as the player.

I want back up. Think of these A.I. as other players. I’m offline at lot. Having these A.I. to me is like having 49 players in one tribe. I HATE PVP. If you love PVP, good for you. Be your own star in the sky.

What about PVE and PVP? I rather add this Idea to offline single player mode. The point of this is the exile you control can be change at will. This way Offline single player mode doesn’t feel lonely. These A.I. aren’t thralls.

I second this

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