The ability to fine tune rates + Text Chat! PS4

We are a highly experienced and organized RP community on self imposed exile from a game that failed our vision for the ultimate RP experience (we were having to use spreadsheets, and all kinds of shared docs just to reinvent the game)

What I like about Conan Exiles is that we don’t need to do this anymore. Even the story is enough that we don’t need to write our own! I’m in love with the potential, but I have an issue with the current limitations on rates.

I would like to be able to make resources spawn never or change the rates of certain resources in order to cultivate caravans and trade routes to cities where resource management has become an issue.

On text chat, for a text based RP Community, we are being forced to use discord in lieu of an in game chat feature. This makes RPing very, very hard.

I am speaking for about 50 players in my community (not much) but they are suggesting wider ranges for our server setting values as well as the ability to text chat in game.

Being RPers, typing is naturally to us! So it is safe to assume that if we don’t have a keyboard, we are shipping one to the community member in need.


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