The ability to import and export your Character as well as server wipes

There a big problem with adding in new dungeons and etc. That is force restart of offline single player mode. I have a fix for this. Importing and Exporting your Character. This would allow server wipes to exist to fix the force reset.

What is kept: Level,Feats,Feats Points and attributes. Learned Recipes and Emotes are kept as well.

Why are you forced to restart your singleplayer game with every update?

Because map doesnt update


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My map updates; I use solo/Co-op mode.
Are mods involved?

Yep. Else I get so much lag.

Every new dungeon adds lag if you don’t start over. The Map updates with new dungeons.

Oh in my single map didnt updated

I haven’t noticed. Are you sure you’ve identified the source of your problem correctly?

Me neither. A freshly started game does load (sometimes rather dramatically) faster, of course, but that’s just the nature of all the clutter one adds over the course of many game sessions.

I doubt the addition of a new dungeon would make any meaningful difference in and of itself - except if one were to be having a main base right next to it, I suppose (though even then…).

Yes. My old file months ago was slow loading. You want a server reset after dungeons are added. This reduce lag by alot.

New dungeon adds new parts to the existing Maps. A restart of servers removes that lag. The combat improvement also added lags. By restarting the game overall will lag less.

A Single-player’s server restarts every time they log in. I’ve played the same character for a year now, never “wiping” my Solo game, and I have not noticed any increase in lag that would be connected to the dungeons.

Not only that but only the part of the map in rendering range of the character is loaded in the server. With the side effect to restart timers each time it happens and stop times each time the character is out of rendering range.
So, the number of new dungeons added to the map doesn’t matter, their content isn’t loaded before the character is in them. They doesn’t increase the lag.

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