The Accursed are rebranded Cimmerians!?

Is it normal that the Accursed are exactly like the Cimmerians but with different names? It took you 4 months to add new content to what should have been a new map with new content in the first place, and yet one of the new factions it’s made with completely recycled and rebranded stuff from the old map!? I mean, there is even an Accursed Berserker with a 2h sword…you didn’t even bother to change his weapon or class name…Are you serious!? How can you be this lazy?

I could understand placing few camps populated by Cimmerians, I’d have no problem at all with that…but creating a new faction by copy-pasting the Cimmerians and adding “Accursed” in front of their names it’s extremely disappointing, I’d say even insulting. People paid you for a NEW map with NEW content, not only you completely failed to deliver it in the first place, but after another 4 months you deliver a faction completely recycled from the old map? What is wrong with you?

I really don’t get it, I hope it’s a bug or a work in progress, cause otherwise I’m speechless…if you need more time, take more time ffs. I’m so disappointed.

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I kind of assumed it was a WIP/Placeholder.
Can give the glowing eyes/otherworldly skin tones.
They could have unique warpaint symbolic of the dark pacts/rituals they made with demons. Would be something if a player got a hold of these dark ritualistic warpaints that the storm wouldn’t send demon spawn to kill them.
Could adapt many of the impressive demon models that already exist into armor parts that altered the way the Accursed looked. These armor parts could confer unique bonuses and penalties (e.g. can’t use a 2h weapon if you have 1 tentacle arm). These demonic “armor” parts could be unique to Accursed followers, and could be soul-bound that is to say they can’t be removed if they have them and tie up the armor slot permanently.


I agree. The Accursed are a new faction and I hope that they will be given their own unique weapons, armor and horrific physical appearance in time.

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Me, too. I hope the faction will get some upgrades to change their armor. Their appearance, however, I hope is not “horrific” (sorry @Croms_Faithful … I never liked “horror”). Marred, aged, withered somewhat having been exposed to the evils of magic, yes – but no stupid zombies or the like. There’s plenty of “zombie” games on the market already. So please don’t make this faction look like that.


No offense, it’s best not to assume that and ask for feedback right away. Take it from someone who assumed that getting Exiled Lands recipes as random vault drops was a placeholder mechanic until they implemented a better one :stuck_out_tongue:


I have always enjoyed it myself. Survival Horror is actually my favourite gaming genre, and Im darn good at it too (not trying to gloat), having racked up a decent number of platinums through my exploits in them. In fact when I heard that many of the creatures in Siptah would be based upon Lovecraft’s works I was both delighted and very excited, and still am.

Why is it that in this day and age whenever a person discusses ‘horror’, people have a tendency to automatically subsume ‘zombies’. I dont recall asking for ‘zombies’ anywhere in my post. Furthermore, and as this is a Conan game based upon that of Robert E Howards lore, I certainly would not like to see them here either, as it would be a diservice to the game and the lore. No, I was thinking more along the lines of

Or even

If I wanted zombies I would simply play classic Resident Evil.

Because there are so many “zombie” games currently on the market. It seems to the be “go to” mechanic these days. Which is why I said “please no” because we don’t need another one. If I wanted to play a horror survival game, I wouldn’t be playing Conan Exiles. It is precisely because Conan Exiles isn’t a horror survival game that I’m playing it. And I don’t want to lose one of my favorite games of all times.

You know…i have asked myself some questions lately in regards to Funcom and their way in developing the game After the release in may 2018.

One of the question was…Aren’t we, the players, taking this entire Early Access thing as a finished product, instead of what it is a WIP product?
I somehow lost the Feeling of “new” when a game exits Early Access or receives a Major Update.

I am not defending Funcom here, their own Fault for cutting things short, but is it really that important that you currently have on testlive cimmerians in the place of the “real” new faction?

I have repeat myself yet another time…maybe more then 50% of Conan Exiles is Age of Conan.

Someone forgot new map is in early access…

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