The Accursed! Please don't forget the Accursed... (Voting Poll)

27 May is the day all our console brothers and sisters will finally be able to experience the splendor that is
:boom: The Isle of Siptah :boom:

I am very happy for you guys!

But, as my heading suggests I am still concerned with my new favorite faction. The Accursed.
I am a very visual guy and at the moment they don’t look Accursed to me, they look like Cimmerians and therefore like placeholder.

I was hoping we could get the faction to closer resemble that of their ominously beautiful looking banner / battle standard. Like people who try to closer resemble their masters by tattoos and armor!
My suggestion was cladding them in a mixture of the new Dragon Bone light, medium and heavy armor. And maybe even Dragon Bone weapons to complete the look. Dyed in the deep red, brown and grey their banner has and some war paint (new maybe) to further “dehumanize” their appearance.

Would it be possible to at least know from the devs if there are any plans concerning their appearance @Ignasi ?

Otherwise what do you guys think?

  • Cimmerian armor and Star Metal is Accursed enough (No change)
  • Bring them closer to Demon kind in appearance (Change)

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:metal: :smiling_imp:

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Agreed old friend. I conceptualised them looking like something quite horrific or nightmarish, but they are essentially just The Forgotten Tribe members. Their current appearance does not feel consistent of people who shack up with otherworldly demons. The Voltaries of Skelos look more evil! :confused:


Yes, would be cool to see some effort put into the Accursed design. Also, why stop there because clearly those new baboons are just shalebacks! Haha

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They’re accursed because it’s not foggy. Smoky maybe but not foggy.

Just to be “unique,” I wonder if we can “compromise” on their appearance?

Option 1:
Perhaps, during the day, they look normal, but at night, their appearance changes to be more ‘demonic’?

Option 2:
Perhaps, when far from the dark tower, their appearance looks normal, but when getting close to the tower (or other sources of corruption or when the maelstrom is happening), their appearance changes to be more ‘demonic’?

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Guys, thanks so much for the feedback and the votes! Seems like almost all of us seem to be on the same page. :smiling_imp:

@drachenfeles I assume you mean from…the darkests dungeon… :eyes:

" Twisted and maniacal - a slathering testament to the powers of corruption!"

I so totally agree! This is exactly what I would do!
And just to clarify @Halk I totally agree, I was just thinking how to get a change done asap and not wait till well past full release. :joy:
@Croms_Faithful well put my friend, the skelos cultists look allot more evil.

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Hmm, lorewise they made some kind of pact with the entities of the Outer Dark, something that made them exempt from the attacks of the Maelstrom monstrosities.

I always liked their “looking normal, but somehow corrupted” state. But why not marry the two options and make the details of their pact a little clearer.

Perhaps they’re acting as hosts to the Outer Dark entites, trading freedom from their depredations for the use of their bodies after death? When you kill one of them (or bring them close to death), a random cosmic horror erupts from their body in a shower of blood, bone, muscles and tentacles a’la The Thing.

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I do not want to be the “Hey Party is over!” , but with 15 days before release of IoS is kinda hard to believe that the cimmerian armor is just a placeholder for the real “Accursed Looks”.

Maybe if we bug them enough about it we will get it updated/reworked in a future fix/patch.

Thumbs up Necro and wish you luck with your Topic.


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