The Age of the Dreamer RP-PvE 18+

“The true events that transpired are unknown to living souls, nor it is truly understood of whom is to blame…”

The Age of the Dreamer is an RP/PVE 18+ US server .

We are a small community, looking to expand a little bit with new and veteran players.

The Age of the Dreamer is set between Hyboria and a weird dimension where beings randomly found themselves there by accident. The AotD gives players a choice to either play for fun, roleplay, or both!

We have events every now and then. PvP happens during the events as well, but a lot of the events are focused on RP. We do have a short interview process, but this is due to recent events where trolls have joined when we thought we can trust people. You live and learn! We are having a wipe soon, so everything will be new and fresh!

What you get as the player:

► A relaxing experience to play when you want. We don’t rush players to play, it’s entirely of your own volition. We play when we are not busy! We know real life comes first!

► Fun events and giveaways!

► Fast crafting to give yourself a jump start to building your home!

► A friendly community who are here to help. The staff are quick to answer questions as well.

Discord: Currently the server is full and will not be accepting new people at this time. When it opens back up I will let you know!