The AI improvement when?

Any news on when the brain dead AI is going to be fixed? People have been waiting for this since Beta started.

Or can we just honestly hear its not going to happen this year?

Noting that these are the first steps needed to improve further AI, I would understand if you started going “mob AI!”.

What do you mean by “brain dead AI”?

Like how thralls and pet wont defend themselves outside of raid hours?

I think OP talking about a revamp of the general A.I, I believe @Enyo created a petition thread about this once that got the support of several players, not sure if we had some sort of confirmation on the FC side if we’re getting it eventually, I guess we all hope we will.

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News and Announcements -> Christmas and Current Focus

Am I the only one who finds every single post by TheLOLxd2 to just be utter nonsense accompanied by a link to gamepedia?

I haven’t touched CoE since October. One of the reasons is the brain dead AI it just kills the experience for me, especially since this is a problem from the launch of the EA.

I don’t think we really want to start looking at motives here, because y’all might accuse me of being a fanboy. :smiley:

In my observation, LOLxd has become a curator of the Wiki, in at least the sense there are backlinks, and cross-references from here, to there and elsewhere. And I find his or her contributions quite helpful, as far as connecting the dots… breadcrumbs and all that.

Quoted for visibility. I am still waiting patiently for both the building loading changes, and the AI changes, discussed and ratified, on behalf and through the persistence of Enyo.

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