The ambient light of the character absolutely needs a server setting

With this update you have made Conan a game for children, now there is no longer any challenge, even though enemies in my server have x3 life they go down like skittles. Also putting ambient light on the character ruins the experience and immersion for many players, at least put it as a server option so those who don’t like it can easily turn it off. The game is losing its charm and it’s only your fault Funcom. It should be challenging and have a good level of challenge, but now it looks like a game for children.


Maybe it’s just me, but there was little challenge in the game even before this update. This wasn’t the dealbreaker.

In fact, the combat is, in my opinion, more dynamic now, so even though the game isn’t difficult, it’s at least more fun to play.

in my server, the life and damage of enemies is set to x3 yet the game feels extremely easy. But what the heck is this update?

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