The Atlantean sword - we need some testers/suggestions

I hope this is in the correct topic!

We have a server called the Atlantean sword
On pve-c America region
It’s based around trading
The settings are kind of hard
But keep on death is on and no decay for bases.
Theives get a bounty and have to return the items or be hunted or be fined 3x the amount and drop on death is turned on to help the hunt.

I am looking for some people who could test our trading system to help us tweak it.
Our currency is bronze and most stacks of everything are 1 bronze to sell and 2 bronze to buy.
Harvest rate is 0.4
Crafting time is slightly slower but cost is low at 0.4
And thrall conversion is slow.
Pets conversion is fast.
Everything else is sitting around official settings

People don’t want to trade is the problem. They just want to join and build their base .
We wanted to set the server in a way where it relies more on using the trading, so grind some rocks sell them and buy what you need kind of thing, Without taking too much away from game experience. We have bounties, events and job boards at this beautiful village we built.
I think we are just targetting the wrong people honestly .
Is anyone interested in playing on these types of settings or anyone who wants to do some harvesting and selling and buying to help us tweak it or find loop holes?

We would appreciate any help in pricing properly and ideas.

Thing is a few years ago we had it all similar and the trading was taking off.
Now we just get alot of people who are new to Conan and don’t want to use the trading village which makes it boring for us.
I don’t know what we are doing wrong anymore.
I would like to go up in harvest but the other admins don’t agree with that as they think it will make people not trade at all if they get it too easy!

It’s such a great server with so much potential.

We build mostly with fence foundations and use radium torches to limit lag. We have been playing together as the same admin group since 2018 and have stuck around long term. Usually pay for a year at a time. Had a break and came back a few months ago.
I don’t believe we are toxic at all. We don’t ban, give people a chance and try to help where possible but sometimes this has led us to bend the settings to what the players want and we enjoy it less because it became inconsistent. It made people mad when we would make longer nights to suit the majority and other would disagree and leave :dizzy_face: so now we have set it all to how we like it.

To find it fast just hover over server name and hit X and its top of list.
Any help appreciated.
We brought on a new admin whose been amazing at writing up events and bounties.
We have two admins from Australia (me and my partner) and the owner from the U.S.

Usually around 7-8 people active at a time. Was 12 but lately has been dropping after they got bored after building their base so quick because harvest rate was up. Hence why we dropped it.

Discord is Conans Atlantean Sword

Hope I’m allowed to post that

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