The basic impressions/problems of my second time Part2 100h


[About me]
You can read part 1 here: The basic impressions/problems of my second time Part1 35h

[The good stuff]
I must say i’m really enjoying my time with this game the second time around. I love the different areas, crafting system depths and the taming system.

Combat is also better then it was back when the game released. It also looks like you can be a ranger and still do good damage, even if it’s still a little on the low side.

It is so much fun when you team up with your friends and do quest together. Im also looking forward to the next patch where there will be mounts you can ride, like horses :smiley:

Many of the bosses have new attack and they are awesome. Like the big crocodile has a spinning attack :stuck_out_tongue: This is amazing and makes so you can dodge animated attack moves, good job devs, more of this please :wink:

I watch a lot of Neebs gaming on youtube! I was so happy when i found the Easter egg with the levers and the gate. That was so much fun! :grin:

The story is pretty solid in this game so fare and the small hints you get are great. You find a lot of surprises when exploring the map :slight_smile:

[The bad stuff]
Okay, this will be a general issues part of the post.

I have been seeing a lot of human npc falling trough the world when fighting the big animals. I also got stuck in the big rhino a few times and died. This left me a little sad.

It would make a lot of sense if humanoid and some animals like spiders could crawl after you and jump down form small ledges. I understand that this is properly not easy to make happen but it would help so much for the game.

I learned that the world boarder is instant death and i can see how the story kind of tells you but when your stuff gets lost on the other side then, it gets sad really fast! :cry:

[Needed in the game!]
There is a big pile of chaos in the crafting benches! please for the love of sanity get some folders in the crafting benches and sort the recipes! It a mess in your own recipes also!

There should never be a reason for going outside the game when you try to figure out what an item does. The text on items are not always up to date or missing. This makes me a little sad.

Targeting in the game is ok but why can i move my camera when i do this?

We are also lacking a group or party function so you can see hp of your party members. This would be really nice when you group up with people outside your clan.

I’m not sure if this is in the game or not but for some animals might need and upgrade to be really useful. if you could fit a cargo saddle then that would help. The elephant is not useful enough to replace a barer human npc. Please tell me if i am wrong or missed something :slight_smile:

It would be awesome if you could physically see on your character what items you have in your item hotbar. Much like they do in Atlas the pirate game from Grapeshot. Atlas runs in the same game engine, so this can absolutely be done.

Please give us an option for guards to be set to aggressive or neutral. The issue is that people can walk up to a thrall and place an explosive and then blow them up before they react :scream: I guess they are stuck in neutral and just happy for a gift! :rofl::joy: This goes for animal guards to!

I would like to see a thrall type called Trapper and Beast master. The idea is to have a thrall that can disable people by root or cripple. Beast master could be used for raising animals or a guard type that has a pet.

[Bugs and problems!]
When a purge happens the AI has some really bad bugs where they get stuck and again they need to be able to climb up to your base if they are humanoid or animals that should be able to climb.

Dina, the hunter human npc spawns two of her next to another :stuck_out_tongue: It looks really strange.

For some reason i can not place my guards close to another. There is a huge annoying placement distance preventing me form doing this. It just says to close to other thrall :rage:

[Server Options!]
There should be more options for server owners to change damage of weapon types and it should be shown on the weapons when this is applied. The numbers on the items should update with the changes. It would be great if i could change the damage that all bows do, for instance.

[Conclusion of the game, so fare!]
Okay, i think that was my impressions so fare. I would just like to add that i am doing this to improve the game. I am enjoying playing it right now and i think this good be good for a lot of hours. I am also hoping that this gives the devs some feetback they can use :slight_smile:

I am also looking forward to the new update coming in dec. Look at this guys :smiley:

[Questions for you]
What do people think about this post and the content?
Should i continue to do this type of feedback?
I would also like to know if other people have experienced the same things?

Best Regards

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