The bed does not place


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The bed is not placed on the foundation.
The bedding is installed, but the bed is not.
A friend in our clan has the same thing.

What do you mean “The bedding is installed” ?? A bed will go on a foundation that has nothing else on it.

The grass bedding is placed on the foundation, but the bed is not.
Difficulties in translating Google.

Bedroll vs. bed? They are different.

Place the bed on foundations. It should solve the problem. Sorry for the late reply.

Bedroll placed, Bed not placed.

In the first post, I just wrote that the bed is not placed on the foundation! On earth, no problem.

Hi @Fargo and thank you for reporting this to us.

Could you please provide us with a video or a few screenshots of what you are seeing?
We’ve updated your account permissions so you should be able to add attachments to your posts.