The behavior of slaves in inactivity

Perhaps there was a similar topic before. But I didn’t find anything similar. And from my side, this is no longer a suggestion but my thoughts ( how to make the game on PVE more interesting for solo players). I like to play PVE (mostly solo), and all the time I was annoyed by the fact that the slaves left in your camp just stand there and do nothing. It would be much more interesting if it was possible to put slaves on some kind of interaction. I mean, for example, lighting a fire, sitting on the ground, talking animation with someone , sitting on a bench, etc. You come to your camp and you have a slave there with whom you playing initially, it is a pity to delete him, but at the same time he is dear to you as a memory))). Why not keep it busy (for example, to look thoughtfully at the larvae in the compost).(for example). This may not be possible for the game, as it will take a lot of resources and create problems for the game in the form of new bugs. But in my opinion, this is what is missing in the conclusion of the slave system for solo players.

Sorry for the bad English

And thank’s for listening to my opinion).

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There’s a super fun mod that allows you make them emote.

It’s easy to use and allows to give your base some much needed flair.

There is another mod that used to attempt this behaviour for thralls. Have not checked in a while now if the mod has been kept up to date, Citylife Think IT was called.

If you watch Joel Bylos hype Video at GDC you will see him mention all of the above, never happend though.

If they add this system would be such a great accomplishment, i still have not lost hope of ever seeing something like this implemented, but the chances of us really Getting this are very slim.

Fingers crossed though :wink:

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I’ve known about mods for a long time. But this is not quite what is needed. For example, I am one of those players who want to play on PVE (with other players, communicating with each other but not interfering with each other). The game has only two such servers that are convenient for me,for my permanent online in this game (servers for Russian-speaking) where many regular players I have known for about 3 years. If I played on a private server with mods, then there would be no such pacification between the community and me.King admin and his minions (especially close to the emperor). No thanks!. A lot of factors of playing on private servers depress me personally.And do not want to play alone somewhere on a solo server. Official server it is the Golden mean which is necessary for me personally. Therefore, I would like to see global changes that will affect the official servers.

Sorry for the bad English

I see the problem. Officials are, indeed, a bit lacking in many aspects.

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