The Benny Hill Show ft. Thralls

The AI of thralls has become slow and dumb.
The server is sending a combat update every few seconds.
The thrall AI seems to be client side.

what combines for a ridiculous slapstick.

I am fighting a Grey One, and it’s teleporting all over the place. The server ping is great. The combat simulation updates every 2 seconds.
My thrall crawls around, half of the time it kicks instead of using the weapon. It misses anyway.
If my thrall does manage to get aggro it stops fighting. Monsters pull perfect combo after perfect combo while the thrall just stands there holding its weapon.

I watched it for a couple of minutes.


The thralls that we use compared to the human NPCs we fight, do seem to have a handicap. The delay in their attacks and path finding errors make no sense when NPCs perform so well.

I played today with no thrall, and no helmet so I can see my character face for once. I did use feroxic daggers.
After clearing 5 camps and 3 vaults, it made me wish this was the basic experience. It was indeed refreshing and moderate difficulty compared to what I’m used to. The entire game session made me use aloe potions, wraps, feast of ymir and legendary kits. All the systems the game gives you, like healing and repairing, made sense for once. I felt rewarded playing like this and dissapointed knowing that I’ll return to using thralls just to feel competitive.
I wish thralls would be less powerful. I too watch like that bird in the picture when I send my thrall to play the game for me.


Lol, I am glad to see someone else bring up the golden comparison of thrall AI to the Benny Hill show. Ever since they trashed the AI in patch 2.2 I’ve had hundreds of fights where I keep thinking “all that’s missing here is the Benny Hill music”.

It’s especially magical standing in place watching my thrall chase a mob that is chasing my horse, round and round and round they go!


Hi! It’s been 7 days. The post would have closed automagically if it were not for some fellow buyers.
No ticket number, no response.

If you don’t care I’m fine, just speak your mind.
At the moment I’m putting effort and expectations and my weekend into this.

My thralls seem to do fine but perhaps my expectations are lower than yours?

I’ve had a situation where I, with a thrall and horse, dismount to pick up lion cubs.
Lion attacks and chases horse.
Thrall attacks and chases lion.
I pick up lion cubs and am trying to mount up again.

So since I’m chasing the horse who is being chased by a lion, the horse never hits tether and circles back to me.

So you have a situation where i’m chasing a horse who is being chased by a lion who is being chased by a thrall with a 2h sword across the savannah and it’s just this comedic fscking picture until finally th lion hits its tether and returns home, at which point the horse stops, and i can mount up finally.



Greetings everyone,

Thank you all for the feedback, we’ll forward it to our team.

Please feel free to share any further insights about our Lands. :slight_smile:

I Plan my Momentum and cut path to the horse, Hit Mount on the get go :))) Wild West style

This should be a feature, not a bug.

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Rename your offending thrall to Benny Hill, you won’t feel as frustrated when they run off.


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