The best way to level Thrall?

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        My wife and I were just wondering what are the differences between going after Tier 4 Thralls from the start, or leveling up whatever toon we come across. Also, we were wondering if it matters if we tame a thrall that says it's an archer, but we use him as a fighter? Thanks in advance for any help!!!

Exiled lands or Siptah?

@ZugzwangGroo, going after just ‘any’ thrall to start is actual a very good tactic. A thrall between T1-3 will be easier to KO at low levels and will help you survive other dangers on the map. Additionally, when you do go after a T4 thrall, you can give your current thrall a truncheon and let him help you KO others.

At the end of the day, the T4 thralls are more powerful, and therefor more sought after. Most of them even have names, making them a bit of a trophy, but none are required to play (or beat) the game.

What are the differences you asked?

  • T4 thralls have a lot more HP making them better against bosses but also tougher to KO.
  • T4 thralls have a much higher melee & ranged multiplier allowing them to make short work of whatever you are fighting.
  • A Fighter typically has a higher melee multiplier, while an Archer has a higher ranged multiplier. These multipliers boost their damage in the respective category but using an Archer to fight as melee is better than not having a thrall at all.

It all boils down to preference. IMO, you should play the game the way you enjoy it most with your wife. Ultimately, what others think doesn’t matter. Happy hunting! :+1:

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Thank you so much for the help friend!!!

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