The Black Circle - Roleplay PVP - EU - Wiped 29th September

Server Name: The Black Circle

Server Region: EU

Server Type: RP-PVP

Server Lore: Custom Conan lore, The Hyborian Aage

Age Restriction: 18+

Server Description:

The Black Circle, fresh as of 30th September, is a roleplaying server keeping the games PVP and PVE mechanics, but integrating a vast and in depth dice system for RP between characters. We have ensured all races of the Hyborian Age are within this system to create the character you want, classes with various abilities within this system to enhance the RP, and other perks that come with your character’s nature.

We follow Conan the Barbarian’s expansive lore of the Hyborian Age and ask that characters are created with this in mind, though any player new to this will happily be assisted.

As we begin our journey as a community, we invite you to join offering such things as:

  • A relaxed environment throughout the community
  • In depth roleplaying systems ensuring you get the character you wish
  • Dice rolling for roleplay scenarios with extensive abilities and traits
  • Ensuring the PVP and PVE remains also a core focus
  • Streamlined and simple rules
  • A world forged by Hyborian Age lore
  • Simple and immersive transport system
  • A hub town for access to goods otherwise unobtainable
  • Optional character level boost to 60 (though the cap is 300)
  • No meta, no KoS, no unnecessary drama
  • A detailed and safe perma-death system to ensure long running conflicts are seen through as opposed to eternal, without leaving your character at needless risk
  • The opportunity to be part of an ever evolving landscape
  • Sorcery is allowed in the context of the character

“The actions you took to get here matter little against the unforgiving landscape that you find yourself in. Though not all is always as it seems.

Who will you become before you return to dust? Your survival will depend on your strength, your wits, and your cunning.”