The Black Circle

The Black Circle (PC NA East Coast)

Who are we?
A merry band of nerds of all ages (over 18), some of us avid Howard fans and lore mavins and with over 20 years of roleplaying under our belts as well as GM and guild leadership experience. Does this mean you, too, have to be a Howard fanatic and know all his work? Not at all. Just be willing to ask questions and craft characters and stories that fit the genre. We’re here to help you, whether it be supplying lore links or straightening out the occasional game glitch.

What’s in it for you?
A 40 player server with a world crafted for roleplayers!
A lore-friendly “caravan route” of fast travel using Pippi’s warpers.
The maproom has been reduced to half of its original size and is available in a variety of places. No more spending half an hour running across the map to get to an RP event!
Great kits for starting players of a variety of RP clothing.
And many more things detailed on our website ad.

Our Mod list:
Pippi 880454836
Cupcake Aesthetics Mod ID 1532737846
Condemned RP - Decor 1437856038
Condemned RP - Beast Props 1437707581
Exile Architect 1403991684
Savage Steel 1367404881
Emberlight 1369802940
Emberlight - Lament 1401451646
Black Circle 1441983439