The black legion server = PvE-HarvX5-keep items-unlimited stamina- insta tame-ExpX 3- Active Admins-EVENTS!

Hey all the BLS has been around for a while we have a healthy player count and always looking for new ppl to join us. We have a PS4 chat so you don’t miss any news and we also have discord. Non are mandatory.
Our community is really friendly and welcoming. People are always looking for new clan mates. We do Events ie Obstacle course. Racing, Arena fights. and we team up and run dungeons a lot.

when you join an admin will great you with a starter package. and a brief chat about the server.


The Black Legion Server
Keep items on death
can’t loot body
Harvest = 5.0
Exp X = 3.0
Instant tame
Item conversion multi =0.1
All hunger/ thirst = 0.1
PvP build damage = off
Durability multi =0.1
Player health multi = 1.5
Stamina = unlimited
Resource respawn speed multi = 10.0
max clan size = 15one of our Events