The Bloodbath - Fury's First Seasonal Minigame Tournament


Ye, so just ban p2w. Btw sogoths are bugged, t5 are fine , but anyway :smiley:


Just stop this🤣 Cmon we cant monitor 6vs6 while doin a premade. Its not like we gonna tank n spank a rf boss🙈 allow all and just play. There are guildteams in this event fully stacked n used to playing 2gether. Goin up against newly formed teams with sagatoons whos never even played 2gether. Some teams will be lyin around like roadkills anyway🤣 lets just have fun and do our best!


t5 weapons are obtainable from item shop without raiding, and u suggested banning p2w :wink:


I told you, there are even whole bought accounts, you cant control shlt :smiley:


That is why I think only item shop buff potions should not be allowed :stuck_out_tongue:


definitely ban t6 armor on this guy. hes a monster


This has been some great discussion.

I think currently we should do our best to observe the rules posted in etiquette. I would love to ban rings, but currently it is not possible to verify they were never switched — I have heard stories of people quickly switching to and from these rings in matches where they are banned.

Please avoid using exile rune and store potions, astrolabes, blue pots, t5 rune, etc.
A good mindset to fallback on is: if it’s a consumable, don’t use it unless it’s daggamalt, moonspill, sweetpressed haste.

If you see enemies using it… go for it, but I’m hoping people understand premades are more fun without the previously mentioned items.

It’s about respecting the enemy team by putting yourself on equal footing as best you can. Don’t pop all your buffs before the match to try to squeak out some subtle advantage.

The good news is I firmly believe solid teamplay and coordinate can overcome the advantage that the rings and consumables provide.


Imo all ingame food and consumes not from shop should be allowed. As stated in ettiquette.


I think this is the easiest and best way of getting the best mini game. If people refuse to ban or insist on using certain things then at least everyone, them included will know they need an artifical advantage lol.


Yeah, I like letting the teams decide as well. Great idea , Lurvi. I’ll update the thread with guidelines when I get home tonight.


Lurvi for class president!


I don’t know if too late but Raaqy will help on my POM if needed. Pretty open schedule right now.


Is someone actually playing matches?

I’ve sent several messages and tells to agree the time of the matches without getting any reply.
It seems that the other group (at least the captain) is not even checking this thread.

I want to have fun, wanna play :blush:

Also we are all busy, we can’t be left with just Saturday and Sunday…

I have bad feeling


im the captain tell me


Skoped is on the team you’re competing against- he can help you! Originally Bible was signed up as captain, but I’ll change it to skoped along with other changes I’m making to the thread tonigh.

The first week is always the hardest organizationally. Depending on how things go, I think this week may warrant extra time to get the matches played.

Thanks for the patience!


Thank you for the great job organizing


Bible can not be given that much responsibility…


nahh he is the captain im just trying to help also ploting a coup against him


Skoped has ousted the mighty boble


Hey, NW vs USB assigned match from 20 pm to 21 pm GMT in sunday 17/03/2019.