The Bloodbath - Fury's First Seasonal Minigame Tournament


Good luck thymmi


Osid, captain of baby back ballers, how can I contact you?


Hi we can play probably Sunday or Saturday. At night would be best. Probably around 7 or 9 CET.


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GG USB, was good fight

Results, NW vs USB, 3:0

IdK why but i cant either add screenshots or links of results, so might be someone else sharing


Updated thread!



It was vey nice evening yesterday, full of respect from both teams, thx for the fun Big Ballers


“get ptah”

I 'aint no free kill!

match 1 : 2 kills 3 deaths
match 2 : 4 kills 3 deaths :slight_smile:

*Petitions to rename V-2 to The Prince and his Hairy Henchmen clench Big Ball Victory"
(Since Rakyr is a leader in EoS and Dragonsoul isnt in Vendetta)


Thanks for the matches USB, perfect sportsmanship also, everyone just stuck with the agreed rules, gj.

Stygga, please rename Svartie in NW roster to Svarttsynn. It’s just a name change due to transfer, class is the same.
Suppose you have to replace Qqconq with Qqbarb in USB roster too, they told us before hand that he will resign with his conq and play his barb in the tournament so it’s all good with us.


Thanks for the update. I’ll update the thread.


You died very little because nobody was worried about you on our side. I was yelling at them because of it. that’s the only reason. They were ignoring you. Shot caller was like “forget ptah get dukalia” which would have been a good call if dekalion wasn’t so heavily defended by his teammates.

We coulda racked up kills on you if I was calling the shots. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I meant what i said after. You have been showing improvement… Just don’t let it go to your head. You got a ways to go bud.


No picks from the other matches?


Hey! Below are this week’s matches:

Week Two (3/18/2019-3/26/2019)
Big Baller Brand vs. Night Watch
Baby Ballers vs BlackList
Votekick vs. Ivory Tower
USB vs. Vendetta 2

Vendetta 1 will sit out this week. We will rotate which team sits out every week (as there are 9 teams).


It was good to be able to see on video the v2 vs big baller 2, do u guys have others videos of others minis of the weekend? V1 vs BB1? USB vs NW?
I feel i improve myself just watching this kind of vid :slight_smile:

Maybe it would be good to post them in a different topic, to be easy found in the future…


Hi i had problem with recording engine. Next matches v2 from my side i will upload on twitch.

EDIT: My gpu got burned out and is in servis :confused: With replacement gpu i cant record and play in same time sry :frowning:


I don’t know how to DM but i gave the tourney admin my team availability. we are ready.


Dont let it go to my head???

You dont know me very well…

Check this move…

I’m boycotting until the name of my team gets updated!


VoteKick vs Blacklist

VoteKick wins 2:0



We played a 3rd for practice and fun, but I think not needed for tournament.
I have the screenshot, only if requested by Stygga.

Thx all for fun!


Thx, this was fun even if we got raped :sweat_smile: