The Bloodbath - Fury's First Seasonal Minigame Tournament


NW vs Big Baller Brand

lets 2:1, sorry i forgot to make screenshot of TT, it was 20:24 in BBB favor, they had 1 guy crashed so we went in 5vs5, deserved win for them imo

rest 2 are here:



Great games guys. That was a LOT of fun – especially first two!

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Ivory Tower vs Votekick

Game 1 :

Game 2 :

@ MyStygga : “Firepowah” is the one registered as Abary



I’m noticing a trend with some of the games that have been posted and it needs to be stated. When there is a clear one-sided game going on, out of good sportsmanship the prevailing team should end the game as quickly as possible, whether that be by the capping of flags or the swift destruction of the totem. We can all agree that no one likes being pad camped.

The ultimate goal of this tournament is to have fun competitive mini-games not to bolster our k/d ratio. It is the responsibility of all the individuals in each competing team to be respectful to each other when a clear dominant victor is apparent, and come to terms to ending the game.

The continuation of clear unsportsmanlike conduct is the type of toxicity that will kill Fury as has been witnessed before in the past.



The enemy captain (Andromaeda) was the 1st one to ask for another game (for practice) after our two games had unfolded, so I don’t think they felt exposed to unsportsmanlike conduct!

Never experienced many deathmatch games before, so it didn’t occur to me in the heat of the very intense and long moment (that was this game-mode) to send a tell and ask how they feel about ending the game when they were still full-on fighting us - and kiting away past their res, and getting chased past their res, yes, but it was no pad camp.

If what you are suggesting here @Kibbles truly is the norm, then at least it’ll be considered sooner. Just remember some people aren’t afraid to be on the loosing side of things, so taking away an experience that they can learn from might also be lame…! Cutting a game short before the opposition show signs of yielding can be just as unsportsmanlike, no?

You surely have a good point, but I honestally never considered it toxic to play out a game when the enemies are still running at you.
That said, a lot of us are new with the game-mode, so we will learn about how it plays out sooner or later.



It is a tournament bro. Bring your A game or go home.



Dude just hand in the white flag, makes it a lot easier.



Isnt it easier that the loosing team concedes when they feel like getting stomped, as long as they try to fight, theres no reason for the winning team to feel bad for em, esp not in a tournament cmon.



I disagree. If we don’t practice vs teams that are stronger, we never improve.
Actually, it is more fun and productive to play vs someone who stomps you, than just stomp the other team.

Keep it up as it is, we will adapt to what it is not perfect, and it’s just a videogame :+1:

Edit: I’m not against interrupting before the end. On first match, we were in the opposite situation, and we tried to deliver one flag to end, if you look at result you see. But we didn’t get any tell, and they kept fighting, and I respect them. We continued, and even played a 3rd match.
We don’t always have the opportunity to play good and hard premades, so that’s the spirit.
If they sent a tell, we would have stopped anyway.

My only regret about yesterday game is that we couldn’t try different setup, because we were just 6



Fight Blacklist vs Baby Ballers 2-0
First fight

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Second fight

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Just want to say at during the last fight at the end I kinda felt bad for the other team, as soon as Osid shout: we give up, pls cap it out, then we started doing that, but also want to say as long as the enemies keep coming, the fight goes on, the “losing” team should shout out, we give up, cap it pls, I know ofc its a matter of comon sense, but still, the team that keeps dying could just stop attacking and call in the white towel…
anyways wanted to say GG and GF to all! thx



Totally agree on this.

If losing party gives up/ want to give up, they should communicate this to the other team.

Then it’s good sportsmanship to indeed cap the flag and end it instead of continuing the rezpadfarm .

Our last fight against USB was also very unbalanced and I asked our team several times during the game if they wanted to continue or give up. They all voted to continued the fight . In this case there is no reason to expect the other team to stop the fight.
Only thing that would be nice is for the winning team (in case of clear win) to go away from enemy rezpad to allow for regroup and a good fight instead of killing ppl as they come from spawn.

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to be honest, you guys chose LT in second game and didnt even went out of the flag room right from the start, waiting for us to come all the way to you… Ofc, we fought you there the whole time. :wink:
In first game HV, we waited on the middle plattform if you guys continue or not.



Hi Panthara,

Just to be clear, I wasn’t complaining :). Just discussing in general what I’d consider good sportsmanship.

Second round in LT we indeed stayed near our rez, which was a strategic decision, since we were clearly the weaker team with only one heal in our group, and not as much dps. Staying near our rez could v made a small advantage for us because your team would have to run a bit further after dead.
We all know however how much impact that made in the end :wink:



yes, and we tried to stay away from the pad itself. I totally agree with you on this part.



There is no “trend” and definitely no toxicity here. It’s a tournament but a friendly one, teams are talking to each other before, after and during the matches if needed (say when a player drops, the game could continue as a 5v5 - as happened in the 3rd NW vs Big Baller Brand match - or the game could be simply aborted).

Because of this, I have yet to witness any whining, raging or trash talking. In none of those screenshotted games did the losing team ask for the match to end early. They could have, but chose not to. In their place I wouldn’t have asked for it either because fighting a stronger team is a challenge that forces you to improve (and after all it doesn’t change the outcome, and no one signed up to this tournament to boost their personal stats). Recoveries are definitely very hard in such deathmatch games, but we all know what we signed up for.

I am 100% sure that there was no pad camping of any sort in those games. Pushing past the respad can happen but that’s a completely different thing and it’s very likely to happen in deathmatch games played on HV, for example.

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Yeah, I guess there is nothing wrong I pushing through to pad to finish the kills when ppl retreat. Just give them chance to regroup after when it’s a clear win. (Again, not pointing fingers to anyone here)



Nice too see you guys got these games going! Many strong teams here🙂 keep them results coming!



I think staying in your base or near your pad is pretty lame and should not be promoted. I’m surprised it’s considered a valid tactic and should be shunned imo.

Getting a small kill lead and turtling in base is toxic as fvck.