The Bloodbath - Fury's First Seasonal Minigame Tournament


What is also getting out of these first fights is how important is group setup in premades.
This is in part interesting - it adds a new level of tactic and depth to the game, and to the lame minigames we are used to play - in part unfortunately highlights class imbalance.

I remember in tournament self-organized years ago on Crom, one Dark Templar (Algouti) was the player who got most of the kills, and today, looking at those Sleeves screenshots, DT confirms to be the class most OP when playing kill-count based premades.

Immediately followed by Conq.

When you look at games between clothies or light geared classes (mostly magic dealers) then balance can get different, but overall tanks seem to have an advantage.

Nothing new probably…

It’s not even rocket-science.
Thinking about DT: players are more stacked in premades, that helps a lot DT AoE and exponential VoM procs. Add to that that DT is a tank and thus mostly ignored in favour of faster to kill class, and you get an harvester, pretty hard to counter :blush:



I think it’s more team imbalance than class imbalance. I do agree that class composition is incredibly important, and a huge deciding factor, though!

If there were more teams, I would love to eventually have different “ranks” of teams, where different ranks would not play each other. For example, Night Watch has no business playing against Baby Ballers, as Baby Ballers is not a team of the same caliber as many of the others; primarily, it’s players having fun, free agents, and alts. (This is just an example, no disrespect intended towards either team mentioned :slight_smile: )

I think it’s probably for the best for teams to do their best to “respect the Rez pad”. For example, when winning an engagement in HV, hold the center of the map. This allows players to regroup and make another push without their shield falling off and getting farmed in a disorganized mess- however, there’s no issue with chasing targets that run back to the pad.

I think it’s important to remember that not every team is of an equal skill/power level, so there will be times where I implore team captains to put themselves in the other team’s shoes, and call out their team to get off the Rez pad. Letting a losing team regroup and push out when they’re ready keeps the match fun for both sides.

Remember everyone- have fun with this. Have some respect for the people that built teams with what they could, as discouraging free agents and newer team will ultimately hurt our community more than the boost to your KDR will help you.

Some unrelated misc thoughts:

I think another important thing to note is that in even games, I’m not sure is player kill count is the best metric by which to judge player performance- for example, if a necro on team A throws a bunch of dots then dies, and then the team A wipes, those dots are still ticking. When the team A revives, each player on team B still has had damage accumulating from the necro. Thus, when team B eventually dies, the necro gets kill credit.

Often the same sort of thing can happen with brute conqs who go unfocused, as they accumulate damage on a target until the conq is assisted by a teammate and the target is killed.

I’m saving many of the screenshots; at the end of the tournament, I think it’ll be cool to look at what classes did the best, what compositions succeeded, and what synergies led to the highest win rates. The initial plan is (eventually) to train a neural network to predict outcomes given two team compositions. This would allow for some cool in-game betting and rudimentary MMR system to be implemented.

Again, thanks everyone for the patience. The first season is always the hardest to balance and organize, but we can for sure make changes for season two.



I agree on a lot you say.

Related to sticking in base. I agree it’s pretty lame. However as my team was extremely underpowered (alt group and only 1 healer) compared to the other team. This was the only way to have little chance to get some kills opposed to an even bigger massacre.



Week three games!

Week Three (3/26/2019 - 4/3/2019)
Big Ballers vs. Blacklist
USB vs. Ivory Tower
Vendetta 1 vs. Night Watch
Vendetta 2 vs. Votekick

Baby Ballers will sit out this week
If anyone has an issue with this, let me know.



i think vendetta 2 and baby baller played together already…



Not for this week mate, but for the next. If you want, you can leave everything as it is this week, to not create confusion. Thx very much and sorry for this



My bad! Misread your DM. Fixed schedule!

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How is it with automacros and 3th party macro programs? USB players laggs so much becouse of this stupid engines…We never had so many laggs before and vs BBB team like vs USB and USB already told us they using this stupid automacros like autohealing and we are noobs we dont using (If this is accepable ,Hello Funcom´´ so i make also bad coded automacro what making lags)…greetings Deadshot bigmouth. Its not acceptable to get latency from 120 to 500+ always when USB fight started and we were not able to hit anything!






Are you serious?) “Lags so much becouse of this stupid engines”?)) Really sad that u can’t lose. It were honest minis. Respect you guys that u fighted all minis and don’t give up, but don’t write crazy things from your head pls. Peace :hugs:



what is “autohealing”? is that something like “double tap hax”?
I know u Vendetta guys don’t understand how to play a healer (except deuk, he is pro) and I can’t even get a green heal all mini with an other Vendetta “healer” in group. but u should understand that normal healer know how to press a button and to aim a blue heal in chaos.
btw the latency goes up for all of us because the damn server runs on a Nokia phone and funcom doesn’t give a sh*t!



relax Durien, everyone get lags…
And guys relax too, tornement was friendly until now, lets keep it that way



Please keep it friendly. I know games can be frustrating, but it’s important to stay respectful of the other team.

The lag isn’t isolated to any one guild. I have a sneaking suspicious that servers were downgraded to reduce cost sometime after all servers were merged into Crom/Fury, resulting in a decrease in performance.

The fault is (probably! ;)) not with USB on this one.



I get a bit tired of the generalizing. Vendetta has some great healers other then myself, please dont insult them. Other way arround, I’m sure not all USB are cheating (*see below). This polarizing of guilds doesn’t help anyone. It’s only causing toxic talks on “global” which scares away new people from our server.

*this is a sarcastic joke, I have no evidence of any USB cheating.

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I want to make it clear I will advocate farming any guild that dares to surrender!!!

Surrender is a sign of weakness which must be met with maximum suffering!!

Surrendering is the only sign of true bad sportsmanship. Dont sign up if you cant fight the entire time!!

The Prince



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Surrendering to tyranny and advocating complacency is the only true terrible commentary! The true warrior of Set relies on faith and preserverance to ensure that his spirit will never be broken.

The high priest has said that reward in heaven depends not on the hardships of this life but rather how one endures them!

True stygians never surrender! Only cowards ride the pad without a flag to hold high in the face of persecution and oppression!




So at the end of the tournament can I receive the atlantean shards on a class that I did not enter the tournament with?



You receive shards on the character you entered the tournament with. If you wish to receive shards on another class, I recommend signing them up as a free agent.



say what again?

might as well let people have it on whatever toon they like if you’re doing it like this?