The Bloodbath - Fury's First Seasonal Minigame Tournament


You need to play that toon in a match now.


Didn’t someone say free agents don’t get shards unless they sign on with a team?


Would make sense, otherwise everyone would sign on all his alts, and would get shards without having to do anything.


stil feels like this is gonna infest the games with alts instead of keeping games as high quality as possible?


Alts are essential to keep up quality minigames. Its already nearly impossible to plan a something with 6 friends in real life (when all got a job and girlfriends). Its even more difficult with virtual teams like age of conan premade tournament.
In case a critical role (e.g. a healer…) cant join for the premade for whatever reason, this healer should be replaced to maintain a good chance of having an even fight. Since almost all free agents are dps, I’m very happy if some of the team could log onto their alt healer…


a lot of alts aren’t low quality anymore, since the game is out for so long, so yeah. but there’s gonna be a lot of setup changes then? you won’t be able to predict what setup you’re facing then.

it means players can use whatever alts of theirs they want always. rules specified earlier that free agents only be used if a player of a role can’t come.

doesn’t this open for possibility to bend the rules a bit? because you can’t monitor if people actually needed this alt, or just logged it cause it was convenient and wanted to switch up their setup.

anyways Im open for anything, but some clarification about what’s allowed and not would be nice.


I suppose most teams were made with the purpose of having their best toons, or best composition in the team. There is no real benefit of changing this all the time, except when it appears some people cant join which would be a good reason in my opinion. Noone benefits when a severely crippled team is fighting a team with all best players. It will be a one sided match, boring for both sides.

Anyways… I agree rules should be clear to not give unfair (dis)advantage


The Ivory Tower vs. USB - super intense games

game 1 - IT victory but very close

game 2 - a frickin TIE 55-55

game 3 - IT victory



Nice to see everyone making use of the free agents.


it should be made clear what we do in the case of ties, like we experienced…

honestally, playing 4 games is tiring, and time may be an issue with all the timezones involved.

say that 1st game is a tie, wouldn’t it be natural to let game 2 be the decider then?
that also mean if game 2 is a tie after game 1 not being a tie means the team winning game 1 should get the win?

I don’t know, but if we had to play 4 games yesterday… it feels like it’ll just be a fight over who’s not tired at that point, since some people already are the ones having to play late in the evening (opposed to americans who might not be as tired)

or allow the scoreboard (in this thread) to do 0.5 points in the case of a draw after 3 games.

just my thoughts.
also another troll idea is in the case of a tie after game 3, teams pick one to do a sudden death duel best of 1 :heart:


Are there none who records these fights? It would give the tournament a lot more community feel to share the experience with the rest of us :slight_smile:
I would love to hear tactics and targets being called, so I can get some pro tips. As well as the entertainment value of watching well played pvp.


I agree. Yesterday was a strange situation. And u are right, i had 00:30 when ended last mini and can’t do 4d mini anyway. But anyway it was really fun and good experience. Thanks!


M8, on all this premades we have afwul lags, i don’t know why it happens, but i’m sure a lot of players in premade turning off everything to have minimum of lags and crashes :smiley: (I need to do it or my comp will be dead)


Lurvi leads his team with an iron fist
All the name-calling… video would be flagged on the spot


Gj on the win, nice to see cromers do well!

I dont see how you would solve it other then 4th map if its 1-1 wins and one draw.

more ppl should stream btw


it’s true. if it’s BO3 it means team has chance to tie match after 3rd game no matter who got the win 1st. my bad.

still, 4 games is problematic imo (like Plagius also says), so maybe scoreboard on forums should allow 0.5 points, cause in the case of a tie after 3 games, it means it was really even, both teams deserving something


at least u shouldn`t replay game 2, because if game3 is tied too, the winner of the 1st wins the match


I cant describe how painfull was for my pom yesterday’s mini against USB, that was some pro focusing.


For you too have that many deaths i can feel what you mean Zeus :slightly_smiling_face: GJ both teams! Would love too join but time is limited=/


While I understand that it could be tiring to play 4 minis, the best interpretation of a tie is just that- a tie. No points are awarded, as neither side won. The game needs to be replayed in such a situation.

I will update the OP with this clarification. Pretty cool that this has happened- seems like USB and Ivory tower are capable of having incredibly close games!

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