The Bloodbath "KiddiePool Edition"- Croms First Seasonal Minigame Tournament


It is not because fury has no pop. It is because Europeans and North Americans/Canadians/South Americans have huge time differences, which makes all activities occur on Saturday and Sunday.

If someone has plans on Sat/Sunday, stuff needs to be rescheduled.

More population does not solve the issue Lurvi described. I understand you think that because you’re an AOC socialite, you can solve this issue, but I think you’re going to be in a world of hurt if you ignore Lurvi’s criticism while also removing the free agent system.


What can I say. People also say I can’t revive RP. But I’m a glass half full kinda guy.

Certain things for me at least aren’t worth doing if not done with a vision I can get behind. I didnt want to simply redo what should be supported on fury. My goal is not to cater to the pvprs who are insistent on having their pro team but rather the other 50%.

I feel confident with your support we can make it work.

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I feel like the community can only do so much to revive this game. Funcom have to do some part of it too but they wont pull their head out of their ■■■.


Well given the funcom sagas and the help we are receiving from AndyB I’d say that funcoms been doing more for us then in the past 8 years. But if possible let’s keep this thread about the pvp event cause then I wont need to scroll through 300 pages of the usual qq. God helps those that help themselves.

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The problem is getting people to understand that they could get SHARDS for participating. The people that could make this actually fun, not for you or I, but for each other, have no interest or drive to explore PvP on their own. Combine that with the obscene amount of gear and AA you need to actually compete in PvP, and it’s very hard to get your average crom player interested.

It’s the same reason that, on Crom, you can have 200 players online with 0 minigames popping.

I think you should also try significantly extending the registration deadline as well, to give people time to hear about the event and for word to spread.

When you advertise in global, be sure to mention the “500 shards for participating” aspect. That SHOULD motivate some people to join.

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Advertise the shards price on AoC loading screen.
And please make this tournament a minigames one… seeing 3 vs 3 dieing in less than 1m in an open space really can’t be that fun… both to play and watch.

Imo of course

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I don’t see anybody who want participate :smiley: Btw, if it will become like on Fury, Premades aka minis, looking for group as hox: have all main AA perks, t1 pvp gear, some pvp experience.

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Why doing 6 vs6? I find much more fun doing 3 vs3 or 4vs4. And it’s easier to organise.
Also Open Space is a game changer for all range classes, see how they rule on BR. Adding a rule like no more than half the team being a caster or a ranger would be great i think.
I would even said lets do a tier with only mele, but it wont happen lol

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And do this 3v3 or 4v4 on fury :hugs:


I have lots of people contacting me. That said I have made brackets and am very hopeful for a lot of people participating in the bronze bracket with no pvp gear or experience. Hopefully good players wont smurf it but like I said. I feel i know most peoples alts and will do qualifiers.


I’ve moved on from fury my friend but nikromancer is still running the tournament there.


It will be x vs x depending on what the teams prefer and show up with. Doesnt have to be 6v6 that’s just the standard. Would think 3v3 is sorta a minimum.


Nice, but i really have on Crom server t1 pvp hox with some AA which i get by timing and would like to join for premades.


Just get 5 more from your guild and sign up.


So you will exclude friends who are not willing to put their toons into one guild, players who run a solo guild or players who belong to small or pve guilds?
That will be a bottleneck and reason for many people to not sign up, especially those 50% pvp newbies you claim this tournament is aimed at.


I highly suggest Ptah get online and start advertising this. Nothing will ever happen in way of people signing up if you don’t advertise. I know just from asking about 85 to 90% of the population don’t even read these forums.



So, u wanna say, that i can’t be invited by any players on Crom for their team? If i’m Fury player but have alt on Crom and want participate in that event, can i join to any team which will take me? And where i should write about this? I thought here…
Moreover u “feel that u know most peoples alts” but this pvp’s will be created on your feelings? As example, u don’t know my Crom alt’s, so i’m easy can be in tier 3 but more experinced than another and i’m sure trolls for that will be enough
Sry for my bad english :slight_smile:


I’ve been online 24 7 doing so. That said anybody is welcome to help.


Just join a participating guid and sign up as one of their players. You could also make a Guild called the free agents


I was online randomly over the weekend and last night US Prime Time. Did not see 1 advertisement. The weekend I could’ve just missed you but last night I didn’t see anything.