The Bonded Ones



Abandoned and forgotten, you are left for dead on the cross in the blistering heat of the sun. Your stomach burned and ached from hunger. Your dry tongue stuck out between your split and cracked lips to the raw corners of your mouth. You would die here and you knew it. The slow, unsteady thumping of your heartbeat seduced you, mesmerized you, and you let your eyes drift closed into a haze of oblivion. Your eyes jolted open wide as something inside your subconscious wrenched you away from the warm, dark place that your mind was enjoying. You felt your whole body tense as you tried to look towards the dark silhouette that was slowly approaching you. A sharp pain ran through your body as you were cut loose from your cross, wanting to scream but your voice just wouldn’t. Your vision began to blur, and nausea welled up in your stomach before everything went black.”

The exiled lands are harsh and unforgiving and we on The Bonded Ones promote such an environment with the scarcity of materials and items. And while the player drives the story on this server, the admins provide minor quests for items and materials via Thespians and random encounters.

Escape the slavers and start your own story within the exiled lands.

We provide everyone who starts out on this server with a full set of armor, tools, weapons and a significant boost to their levels.

Seek shelter together or alone to survive these harsh conditions.

A band of mercenaries roam these lands and provide you with a quick travel option as well as daily quests.

Visit the slave market in Sepermeru.

Thralls are available to everyone, even the Thespians are made available. The legendary repair kit can be made by yourself and the black and white dye’s are available to buy or through materials alone. (Or you can trade a T4 alchemist for the Thrall that makes the dye!)

Buy and sell goods on the market.

There are various goods available on the market in Sepermeru where you can sell your own goods or buy goods that you require.

The Temple of Mitra

The Pleasure Palace of Derketo

The Altar or Jhebbal Sag

We have provided T3 Shrines with dedicated priests open to all around the map. Above are an example of some of them. However, it is possible through RP to become the owner of a T3 shrine, our rules explain how.

Team up together to vanquish large monsters that terrorize those within the exiled lands and collect bounties or try your luck and go in alone to claim the prize for yourself alone, the possibilities are endless. It’s simple to join, connect to our discord, read the rules and fill in a brief template application!

What are you waiting for, exile, join us today!

Our mods:

-RP Aesthetics (RA)
-Savage Steel
-War Song
-Conan Sexiles
-Warrior Mutator

Other Info:

  • Max capacity 70
  • Server uses a whitelist
  • Server is US based
  • Both US and EU admins available.
  • We have players from NA, EU, AUS
  • Quests and custom made dungeons provided
  • Idle thirst and hunger is set to 0.1 (so as not to break immersion during RP)
  • Claim radius is 0.2
  • Structure decay is turned off
  • XP rate: 2x
  • Gathering rate: 1
  • Drop Equipment on Death: No
  • God Avatars Enabled: No
  • Containers Ignore Ownership: Yes
  • The Purge Activated: No

This server follows the lore of Robert E. Howard as well as the RPG books which we openly have available in the discord.

While there are solid rules for pvp ethics so there can’t be any misunderstandings, we aim to provide as much freedom to people as possible, we put trust in the members and allow them the things that other servers normally wouldn’t such as egress doors and wallpapers from Pippi. Read more about it on our discord!

Our discord: