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Please note that The Bonded Ones server wiped on 22 Aug 20. We are up and running with a smooth transfer from the old server to the new. This thread will be updated soon, however as the wipe was for server health, we have brought most of these features back and improved on them. The Mod List and server settings shown below are up to date. Please bare with us and thank you for your patience

We also are running the Siptah Map - We have the same mods on both of our servers and the same code of conduct. Most of the rules are the same, but by its own design Siptah is meant to be harsher so we’ve made some tweaks to reflect that.

The winds scoured the land, having broken free from the loop the Lemurian Priest Petruso has so long held in place. Tearing across broad swaths of ground, burying buildings in drifts to rot away beneath or for those too proud to fall, under sands and snow, the sheer violence of winds tore timbers and stone apart, providing cover to beasts that sought out anything moving to rend to pieces.

As if this was not enough the animals and herds added to chaos, trampling villages in their escape or leaving carcasses to decay into what pools of water could still be found. Berries and nuts all withering on the desiccated plants still exposed.

The barrier walls holding the now raging storms within these exiled lands, a snow globe shaken too long and seeming about to crack under the abrasion and pressure within. Such heroes this land claimed to make of once murderers and thieves, but where were they now?

When Ming, Sune, Arzhel and Zwentibold sought the Relic Hunter within the temple of sand and heard his plea, rather than begging off to seek their own shelter they went to face beasts and storm. Returning with hard fought for stone, ‘Heart of the Sands’, which was given to the Relic Hunter for paltry reward. Hero likely the furthest thought from any of their minds… and yet… When Petruso was given the Stone for a brief moment, his cries ceased. His eyes closed and a breath was taken deep and calm, before once again he resumed his ravings.

Weeks passed by and with each day the storms, whilst still volatile and violent seemed to blow themselves out faster and fail to regain strength as often. The pressure eased, the world while strewn and littered from disaster, once more found a pattern and habit to daily rhythms. What few animals, men and women that survived began to creep out in search of water, food… life.

Welcome to The Bonded Ones - Year 2

The exiled lands are harsh and unforgiving and we on The Bonded Ones believe we have managed to create a world where our community can focus mostly on their RP in an environment that maintains some elements of danger, rewards or even consequences for actions by our well thought out rules and settings. And while the player drives the story on this server, the admins provide minor quests for items and materials via Thespians and random encounters. We pride ourselves in listening to our player base and encourage feedback and suggestions.

The Golden Rule applies here. Be respectful to your fellow Players. Our server prides itself on providing a safe and inclusive environment for all Players regardless of Race, Religion, Ethnicity, Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation. Hateful speech, harassment or bigotry towards other Players will NOT be tolerated. Be mindful of your interactions at all times, as you will be held accountable.

We have introduced a story telling team in year 2 to provide short server stories that our players can take part in or avoid as they choose.

Our Staff/Admin Team

We have a strong admin team who are Conan enthusiasts, we all play the game and any admin work is strictly carried out on Admin Characters so we do not benefit from any admin perks. Our staff are from many time zones and the server is manned almost 24/7. Our skills vary, we have modders, tech experts, talented story writers, but above all we are dedicated to our community and have devised what we believe are fair rules and transparancy.

The Bonded Ones wiped on Jan 30th 2020

We did not take the decision to wipe lightly, but our server was not performing as well as it did and wiping is necessary at times. We decided against a lore wipe. Many of our players, including ourselves had ongoing character stories that we were enjoying and many hours had been put into building and resource gathering. So we came up with a Cataclysm to destroy our world, but give our players characters the chance to survive and rebuild what they had or start somewhere anew or even roll a new character. We gave a very generous package to any who stayed and were delighted that nearly everyone did and are enjoying the new world of year 2.


The slavers camp

When you drop into our world you find yourself inside a slavers camp. Here you will do a series of short quests to try and escape, and when you are successful you will leave at around level 50 with a decent set of tools, armour and weapons and access to some starter kits. If you prefer to slug it out from level 1 you also have that option.

Travel Options
Most of our mercenaries from year one survived. Notably Zenobia (NPC) who provided a caravan service to transport exiles and goods safely around the lands. We have came up with a series of what we consider good and realistic locations where Zenobia’s caravans can fast travel you to, three of which are markets where we have vendours that buy and sell goods. Maprooms are also available, but are limited to our player hubs as a reward. Above is a map of where the caravan stops and markets can be found. It will cost you 5 Pippi copper to use them.

The Markets

We have three admin made markets. Currently thespians are buying goods for pippi coin which is how our economy runs. There are also thespians that sell goods. We envisage the numbers will grow as the world expands again, it would be unrealistic to have everything from day one.

The Jungle Run Trail Market

Relic Hunter Road Market

The Tradeway Market

Thralls are available to everyone. We do not have the purge activated, but we aim to offer an exchange service, a T4 named thrall for same/similar purge thrall.

Hub/Player owned Merchant Thespians can be earned.

The legendary repair kit can be made by yourself and the black and white dye’s are available to buy or through materials alone. (Or you can trade a T4 alchemist for the Thrall that makes the dye!)

Below is a summary of our mods, settings etc. More detail will be added to this thread to showcase our features and communities work, events, screenshots, stories etc.


To Linda and Misfit, the original founders of The Bonded Ones.

To Staff Members past and present.

And of course our wonderful, friendly community, we are what we are thanks to you!

What are you waiting for, exile, join us today!

We have a high performance fully dedicated server with:

  • Consistent 5.0GHz Intel 9900k
  • 500GB SSD
  • 64 GB RAM
    Our maintenance staff works hard to ensure that wipes are few and far between

Our Mod List:

-Pippi - User and Server Management
-Improved Quality of Life (IQoL)
-Savage Steel Vol I
-Arena Pier
-Northern Timber
-Conan Sexiles
-Asshuri Treasures
-Shadows of Skelos
-Immersive Armours
-Warsong RP Mod
-Unlock Plus (with PickUp)
-Desert Town
-Roleplay 1.8.1
-Barbarian Barber
-Akuba’s Salon
-RP Asthetics (RA)
-Less Building Placements
-TBO Mod (Our own Mod)

Other Info:

  • Max capacity 60 currently
  • Server uses a whitelist
  • Server is US based
  • Both US, EU and Aus admins available.
  • We have players from NA, EU, AUS
  • Quests and custom made dungeons provided
  • Idle thirst and hunger is set to 0.1 (so as not to break immersion during RP)
  • Claim radius is 0.2
  • Structure decay is turned off
  • XP rate: 2x
  • Gathering rate: 1
  • Drop Equipment on Death: No
  • God Avatars Enabled: No
  • Containers Ignore Ownership: Yes
  • The Purge Activated: No, but it is still possible to swap a T4 Thrall for a compatible Purge Thrall.

This server follows the lore of Robert E. Howard as well as the RPG books which we openly have available in the discord.

While there are solid rules for pvp ethics so there can’t be any misunderstandings, we aim to provide as much freedom to people as possible, we put trust in the members and allow them the things that other servers normally wouldn’t such as egress doors and wallpapers from Pippi. Read more about it on our discord!

Our discord:

Our Enjin Site:
The Bonded Ones

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The Bonded Ones are an active Conan Exiles RP/PVP/18+ community. We are into our second year now and flourishing but are always open to welcome new members who enjoy roleplaying. We have a short application to fill in and our server uses whitelisting to keep our community safe from trolls etc. The server is staffed almost 24/7 and we pride ourself on being a safe space for all.

Please come and check us out. Here is our link to our thread on the Conan Exiles RP Enjin site, where there is a lot more information on what we have to offer and what our players have built etc.

The Bonded Ones have just added two more great mods.

Barbarian Barber - Added 20 hairstyles for men, 8 beards and 23 hairstyles for females.

Northern Timber - Added some great building pieces. Not only do they look great in the North because some come snow capped, but they also look great anywhere as there are options without snow.


Nothing lasts forever and alas, unfortunately the time has come for The Bonded Ones 2.0. Though we bid it adieu, let us remember all the good times we had. Yet it is not the end, merely a bright new beginning as we welcome TBO 3.0, live (fingers crossed) at this very moment! The staff have all been working tremendously hard to ensure that TBO 3.0 was not just ready for when we needed to wipe, but better than what came before! Taking in player suggestions and things we’ve observed over this last instalment, we believe we’ve done just that. Unluckily this instalment may not have made a full year, it made it through a vast chunk of 2020, which with pandemics and Funcom patches is one hell of an achievement in itself! We would have liked to wait until Funcom released any information on it’s ever elusive new expansion, we have nonetheless reached the point with TBO 2.0 where wiping is a matter of necessity and server-health as the database had grown so large it was affecting the server and putting it at ever increased risk of file corruption.

We thank you all for playing on TBO through this instalment and look forward to seeing all the new stories, characters, and wonders of building that come along with 3.0!

The Bonded Ones now run both the Exiled Lands and the Siptah maps. Both are RP/PVP servers and are thriving! Come join us on our journey to build these exciting worlds based on R.E. Howards lore and the RPG books.