The Bonded Ones


Season Five has launched, please take a look below at what we have to offer.



Welcome to The Bonded Ones Season 5

Season Five launched on 20th November, 2021

Season Five of one of the best and longest-running text-based RP servers in the community continues it’s story on the Mod-authored map SAVAGE WILDS.

TBO is continually setting new benchmarks for excellence in collaborative roleplay, providing a framework within which epic stories are born and can flourish. Home to several luminaries from the modding community, TBO offers a carefully curated selection of mods and customized, exclusive content to make your rp story truly unique.

RP is king and rules all- everything we do, rules, mod selection, and lore.

Our background framework is based on the hybrid of Mongoose’s RPG on the Conan Lore Archive <> This forms the background of our world when it comes to our server’s canon for racial and cultural backgrounds. It provides an easily accessible resource that is in the keeping and spirit of Robert E. Howard’s Hyborian Age. It provides the backdrop for our low-fantasy narrative arc. Character use of magic is carefully moderated to ensure immersion is maintained.

Over successive seasons, TBO’s lore has meshed with the stories created by our players to create a gritty yet rich and immersive world. Our storyteller team is a dedicated group that provides the means to weave your character’s narrative into larger server arcs, making your actions truly part of the fabric of the stories we are invested in building. Through our GM guided server events, your character’s actions can and will impact the server’s lore, and continue to resonate in seasons to come. Our server lore is a living thing that grows and evolves based on our players and their stories in conjunction with our staff storytellers.

This is your invitation to join a community of players and moderators on the cusp of bringing something truly new to the Conan arena.[/size=3]

Join us Bonded Ones- a new world awaits: come and face the unknown.

We Offer

*Savage Wilds map
*Active population throughout the day, EU, NA & Aus. Peak times NA.
*Active invested staff
*Application to apply & Server has Whitelisting
*Safe environment to play in

  • Optional GM-guided events and server arcs
    *Optional level boost to 30 or 50
    *Starter Kit
    *Choice of starting areas
    *Admin run Market to sell items
  • High performance fully dedicated server based in Florida
  • Meshes Howard’s lore and the Conan RPG system
    *We are not High Fantasy
    *PvP combat zone with ruleset

Savage Wilds Mod and an Immersive Environment

Crafted by talented modders, the Savage Wilds offers spectacular vistas, new bosses, new NPC settlements, a built-in fast travel system and so much yet to explore. We have embedded a customized starting zone offering several locations and story ideas to begin your story into the map or you can of course write your own story. To help you get started we offer an optional level boost, starter kit and custom made quests to help you get important items, such as a horse and saddle.

Server settings take the rigors or roleplay into account to provide the best immersion we can. Night time length has been extended slightly, and hunger and thirst are set lower so as not to disrupt rp.

We have chosen our mods to enhance RP while preserving server performance. With a broad selection of character customization and quality of life offerings. TBO has a dedicated high-performance server, and an admin tasked with maintaining server health. We run regular clean-up scripts to tidy up abandoned builds, lone bedrolls etc and keep load times light.

Storyteller and Content Creation Teams

Our storyteller team is one of the richest resources we have to offer our RP community. From small clan-based events to server-wide arcs that span seasons, TBO has a unique approach to collaborative storytelling that hearkens to table top rp.

With the moderation of optional admin-run GM’s, quests, adventures and server events on large and small scales add a truly unique element to roleplay on the Bonded Ones. Stories customized to player characters and their backstories are brought to life through admin-run NPC characters who act as foci for these tales to spring from.

Our Content Creation Team are focused on producing permanent, iterative content such as Quests, Dungeons/other Open World Setpieces with PvE challenges and Lore to find and learn for Savage Wilds both before map launch and regularly after launch.

We use standard R.E.Howard based Conan lore blended with content from the Conan RPG.

Thoughtful rules with Regular Community Input

TBO has easily accessed documents that lay out our carefully considered rules system. The admin team is dedicated to our community and has devised what we believe are fair rules that emphasize transparency, and have done so with regular community input through surveys and discussion . Over the past four seasons, we have polished and perfected a fair and balanced PVP ruleset and we have set aside an area of the map to be used as an open Combat ‘zone’ detailed below.

Our Staff

The Bonded Ones boasts an active, attentive admin team, available almost 24/7 as we have global coverage. Our skills vary: we have modders, tech experts, talented story writers, but above all we are passionate about the game and our part in bringing the best roleplayers to the best server and providing quality content and a great place to play.

Our admins get no special perks either, we have separate characters when on admin duty in the server, and grind at the same settings as the players do when playing the game.

Our Community

Our application process ensures the quality of RP, and TBO’s whitelist process ensures only approved players can access the server.

Our member base of talented roleplayers are always eager to support newcomers to the Bonded Ones, as they represent new opportunities for collaborative writing. We have players from around the globe, so our server has possibilities for RP around the clock. The discord is a lively spot for advice and support among our growing community.

The Golden Rule applies here. The Bonded Ones prides itself on providing a safe and inclusive environment for all Players regardless of Race, Religion, Ethnicity, Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation.

Our Discord

Our Mod List

[Steam Workshop::TBO Modlist 5.0](https://TBO Mod List)

-Savage Wilds
-Devious Desires
-Savage Steel Vol 1 and 2
-Shadows of Skelos extended
-Amunets Deco Collector
-Sand & Stone
-Customized Attatchment System
-Crucial Decorations
-Dungeon Master Tools (Admin Only)
-Immersive Armours
-Northern Timber
-Warsong RP Mod
-Warrior Mutator
-Arena Pier
-Unlock Plus (With PickUp)
-Barbarian Barber
-Akuba’s Salon
-RP Aesthetics (RA)
-RP Redux
-Ravencrest Couriers
-Less Building Placements
-TBO Mod (Our own Mod)[/size=3]

Server Info

  • Max server capacity 60
  • Max level 60 with optional level 30/50 boost
  • Server uses a whitelist
  • Staff in US, UK and Aus
  • Global Player base
  • Server is located in Florida USA
  • Max. clan size = 15
  • Double gather bonus weekends switched on usually once a month

Server Settings

  • XP rate: 2x
  • Gathering rate: 1
  • Idle thirst/hunger is set to 0.1
  • Active thirst/hunger is set to 0.3
  • Claim radius is 0.2
  • Drop Equipment on Death: No
  • Containers Ignore Ownership: Yes
  • Bodies remain in the game when logged out: No
  • The Purge Activated: No
  • Structure decay is: Off
  • God Avatars Enabled: No

Custom Starter Area

When you jump into our world you start in a customised area called the Room of Welcoming. Inside is an NPC who will help you write your story, choosing gear and level boost, before sending you off to one of our starter quests. Completion of these quests will grant you the items you chose, or alternatively, you can skip the quests, and opt to venture straight out into the Savage Wilds.

Admin Market & Public Crafting Benches

The Savage Wilds has its own economy system, which our admin team has augmented with a customized version specific to TBO that will enhance RP opportunities. The admin made market will sell items not available to be crafted in game and has thespians to buy commodity mats from players for Pippi coin.

We also provide a public crafting area for our players to use.

Zenobia’s Caravan System

TBO have introduced our own travel system by way of Zenobia our caravan mistress. We have placed her caravan stops around the map to provide swift safe travel to many areas of the Savage Wilds for 5 pippi bronze. Zenobia will also stop at some of the maps own caravan stops also. Travel to Murun Market is free.

The Adventurer’s Guild

Situated in the admin created Murun Market, the Adventurer’s Guild, is a quest-based system that will allow you to level up your rank with the guild. As you complete quests and increase your reputation you’ll be given access to purchase special weapons and armor recipes that cannot be found on the map. Each quest also offers its own reward.

Combat Zone

The zone is an area covering most of the red mountain area where the normal PVP rules do not apply. Playstyle here will still of course be rp centric, but still offer a fun chance to flex those PVP muscles without risk of character death.

Within this area is a safe protected hut where there are multiple vendors inside who will buy unwanted legendary items for pippi coin and sell Warrior Mutator weapons and armour.


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